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I beat this game three years ago in one sitting.


If you're into dual-stick shooters, this delivers a well-made game that you will play once and forget about. I didn't even think about this until I saw this post. The game itself is a mixed bag where nothing really stands out but you can't really hate any of it.


The action is non-stop and changes up. The environments are your standard delict spaceship but varied to enough to keep things interesting, like the part where you are in the vaccum of space and have to use youre gun to move. The protagonist looks like your fat trucker uncle that thinks they are a Bruce Willis from Die Hard that comes off as a bit cringe, which I think is on purpose. The music is fitting for what going on, yet I can't remember a single track.


The only ways I would recommend this game is through Humble Bundle or if you are looking for a short game to beat. You won't regret it but you won't remember it either.

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