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  1. Just beat this game and it is the weirdest game I've ever played. It's a fairly standard point-n-click game that isn't too hard but it's made by a man who clearly had a version. A unique one that is as bizarre as it is fascinating. But of all the Eastern European games I've played, you can do worst than one where the main villian is a sloth with Donald Trump hair that vomits candy bars and wants to rule the world via Glam Metal.
  2. I REALLY wanted to like this game as a fan of Stardew Valley. Problem is the burn is just too slow for my taste and I'm fairly patient when it comes to slow burn games. But after playing it for two hours and barely making any progress in my farm, I recognized it was never gonna be for me. And while I enjoy quirky and dark humor, this wasn't enough for me to put up with the grind.
  3. I bought this as I read that it was a game similar to Majesty: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim, one of my all-time favorite games. And after getting the true ending achievement, don't waste your time or money with it. It is Majesty gameplay wise and I do like the set-up of the world, which takes place on a planet that was literally blown apart by wizards and the remnants of civilization are living on islands floating in the stratosphere. And said wizards still exist and can use their powers to create new islands, move existing ones closer to their base and even blow up enemy islands. It's a cool premise that is letdown in every way by the game itself. It is exceptionally mediocre in every way. The music and the sound effects are very generic (although I didn't hear any of it as I was having headset issues at the time), the story has NO voice acting and is told through massive text boxes, all the factions have the bare minimum changes to not be copy-pastes of each other, and the graphics are decent, they suffer from the weird washed-out 3D look that modern 3D game developers overuse because they didn't ask anyone if it looked good. And while the gameplay loop of Majesty has it's flaws, it made up for it with the charm and vibrant nature of the setting that Driftland has none of. This game is so not worth it that I always feel obliged to warn people about it. Not the worst thing I've played but you're better off with other games, which is a massive shame at the end of the day.
  4. I got this game this weekend along with The Only Traitor DLC and beat it all in a day. This game is a fantastic short, narrative game. It takes an old concept of a zombie apocalypse and makes it interesting by following the adventures of an ordinary blue-collar worker running a train through events that are bigger than them. A lot of world-building is done via dialogue and the environment that tells you what you need to know while leaving much to interruption. The gameplay itself truly emulates the truest sense of survival horror in which you have to balance your ammo and resources as you find yourself looking for a chair before you open a door and hope the one enemy you one-shot with it is an elite enemy. I wouldn't recommend it outside of a sale, for both the length of the game and the fact that it's a 75% discount. And once you're done with it, there's no reason to go back outside of achievement hunting. But these are minor nitpicks on an overall solid core.
  5. Beat this game last year and it's a pretty solid RTS. I don't care for it much as it's the bad-kind of RTS of "Passively build up resources so you can churn out things to throw at the enemy" but the factions are varied enough to provide interesting gameplay. Particularly the Grey Goo. Plus the cinematics were made by the guys who worked on The Lord of the Rings trilogy. Worth checking out when it's on a sale.
  6. Got this, beat it and 100%-ed it. A Saturday Morning Cartoon of a game that revolves around workers revolting against a mega corporation. Pretty easy difficulty and straight-forward enough although that may depend on your mircomanagment skills. Fairly limited in terms of gameplay variety and an upgrade system that makes this way easier as time goes on. A bit short though for the price as I beat ~3-4 hours. Worth looking at.
  7. You can figure out all the mechanics within an hour but DAMN is the music and atmosphere TOP TIER. It really makes you understand why medieval people were afraid of the woods.
  8. A rarity in the game's industry: a good movie_licensed game. I don't know how it relates to the god-awful movie it's based on, but it's a great Metroidvania by Way Forward. Maybe the closest thing we're gonna get to Castlevania.
  9. I beat this game three years ago in one sitting. If you're into dual-stick shooters, this delivers a well-made game that you will play once and forget about. I didn't even think about this until I saw this post. The game itself is a mixed bag where nothing really stands out but you can't really hate any of it. The action is non-stop and changes up. The environments are your standard delict spaceship but varied to enough to keep things interesting, like the part where you are in the vaccum of space and have to use youre gun to move. The protagonist looks like your fat trucker uncle that thinks they are a Bruce Willis from Die Hard that comes off as a bit cringe, which I think is on purpose. The music is fitting for what going on, yet I can't remember a single track. The only ways I would recommend this game is through Humble Bundle or if you are looking for a short game to beat. You won't regret it but you won't remember it either.
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