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I don't know man... I would rather be playing the PlayStation 2's SSX instead. SNOW was just too rigid for me, and the colors are not really there.


This looks amazing at higher, proper widescreen resolutions. This is the most gorgeous, most fun snowboard game, I've ever played in my life.

Actually... I think it's the only... competent snowboard game... that's depressing.



SSX is a genuinely good alternative, this is as pure as a videogame gets. SNOW? Coming from the PlayStation 2? Big ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.


Only complaint I have about SSX, is that they padded out the game, by forcing you to beat the current stage you tackle on, at least three times, for the championship mode, before you can unlock the other stages. Use cheats to unlock the new stages, or abuse save states if you screw up. Otherwise, SSX is an all time favourite game.


Or just get a save game. And just tackle the stages, with whoever you want. Trust me it's worth to cheat, it'll save you some time, so that you can enjoy the game at it's best, while allowing you to bypass the worst part of the game. Beyond that, I really don't have any complaints.


Controls are perfect, easy to use, there's just nothing like it. This game is ultra accessible. It's so much fun. Pulling tricks feels good as hell.

You want your dude to smash his face into the ground? You can do that.


Yeah it sucks if you get respawned, but the game sometimes just tries to get you unstuck, so keep that in mind.

This game only has fixed animations, no ragdolls, so they unstuck you, otherwise you'd be stuck in an infinite animation loop.


Honestly, I just wanted to use this game, as an excuse to sell more people on SSX, more need to play it.

I love the music, it's great, but I don't want to spoil it, and the game has an amazing atmosphere, and a hilarious announcer. Characters are great too.


Games like SSX don't exist very often. It really has no real competition. Something about the very first game, just makes it better than, any other snowboard games for me, they just don't match up in my mind with this.


I think the fact that, my benchmark for all snowboard games, is a random game from the 2000s era, probably tells a lot about why I'm so god damn picky.

I HAD THE GOOD GAME ALL ALONG (well, mostly good, it has some minor flaws, but I still love the shit out of it, I find this game impossible to hate, there was pure love put into this game)


This game is packing with personality. Play it now.


This was truly something, one step ahead of the game.

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