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  1. It's linear, dark (literally), and a little rushed with its story. But its setting is neat, the graphics are great, and it's full of different locations you visit.
  2. Tries to be like Fallout, but with survival mechanics. Has great atmosphere/map design. But it's very hard to follow with its story, is very unforgiving with its survival elements, and combat can be rough. Good game, if you can work with its issues.
  3. Just get the game. It has everything. Amazing gameplay/level design, several story campaigns, multiplayer, arcades challenges, level editor, VR mode, you can even add your own music library. It's the full package.
  4. Missed it's massive opportunity to have you explore the base and locations, and it should've let you. It's much more linear than it makes you think it is. But the lovecraft on sci-fi mars is still a great mix, and is done rather well.
  5. It's crazy ambitious, still has lots of bugs and lack of polish, and the story telling is very weak. But the amount of things you can do is insane. Item crafting, base building, weapon upgrading, character upgrading, skill unlocks, power unlocks, energy management. It's a lot. Overwhelming, especially when you add the amount of exploration you'll be doing, as the infecting grows around the map overtime. If you can put up with the jank to enjoy the beautiful vacation-like world they created, then go for it.
  6. It's just awesome. That's all I have to say about it. Get it.
  7. Not the best snow sport experience, but is still a really good one, with lots of locations and solid gameplay design.
  8. Great mechanic of observing your surroundings and finding things down to the smallest detail, with very engaging story telling.
  9. Here's the thing. It's designed like a Far Cry game, with its outposts and landmarks that unlock fast travel and new stuff. But it's more bare bones than Far Cry. It's meant to be more of an experience. Combat is flashy and intense, with other NPCs joining the battle as fights happen all over the map immersive sim-style. But a lot of what you're doing is just exploring the world, learning the lore in your own time instead of shoving it in your face (they even made a lore book PDF with the game), and just soaking in everything in its amazing art direction that feels like concept art. The underground sections can get annoying, and having no vehicles can feel like a drag sometimes. But when you see what they've achieved, it's pretty hard not to be wowed. I feel "The Signal From Tolva: The Best Game Ever" by Cool Ghosts explains best what makes it so solid.
  10. At launch it was a mess. Now, after TONS of patches, some new mods added for free, and several high quality story DLCs, it's a solid experience. FANTASTIC writing, amazing atmosphere/setting, interesting and intense gameplay, with lots of customization to tweak it to how you want to play. Not to mention the amazing side quests you can find yourself in. Takes some time learning how things work, but it's well worth full price, if you can't wait for a sale.
  11. A walking sim, but is saved with its amazing atmosphere/art direction, and excellent story telling and music.
  12. Fun and fast, but LOTS of trail and error. Also doesn't save where you respawn, so don't close the game before the next REAL checkpoint.
  13. Pros: Solid art direction Great writing (seriously, the notes and emails are some of the best parts of the game) Lots of parts to collect and make creatively fun guns. You'd be surprised what you can unlock Plenty of progressing with classes and skills Cons: Weak use of procedural generation for levels Feedback in combat feels weak Can't carry weapons parts with you in unlocks. Always start with base build after dying. Not enough item drops VERY grindy (due to there not being enough item drops, and the price of things) Overall, it's a fun and interesting game, and the devs clearly cared and were proud of what they achieved. But it just needed some quality of life improvements to make the game awesome. And they're basically dead after the failed success of post Early Access P.A.M.E.L.A. (also an interesting and very ambitious game)
  14. It's a walking sim, but a very good one. Lots to explore in an amazing looking cyberpunk world, plenty of side content of characters to meet, you even get to customize an apartment and interact with things. But the best selling point for me is the first person mode. Whether it's walking or driving, you can experience it all in first person, and it feels like it was made for it, yet it was just a post-launch update! Story exhausts its dialogue though, as you will have several moments of stopping your car before parking just to let the long dialogue finally finish, instead of cutting it off. And the car upgrades are sometimes useless, and it will get annoying to constantly stop for gas and repairs. You also don't have unlimited money, unless you exploit things with buying and selling items.
  15. First thing you need to know about it. It's not finished, and it will sadly never be finished. So many cliffhangers. But what's there is a very quirky game full of personality and strange writing that always gets you hooked. SWERY somehow knows how to make anything in a game grab your attention. Whether it's the thought text you get for observing an object/character long enough, or just doing anything around your apartment. There's so much you can easily miss for what is just a 3 episode game.
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