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Summary: Interesting... But Not Exactly Good


Released in ‘91, Spaceship Warlock was one of the first games to be released on the CD-ROM, and it shows in both the good ways and the bad.


Keep in mind that back when most Macintoshes (it was released on the Mac first, ported to the PC years later) had only black-and-white screens (not even any greyscale!) and effectively no sound. Then this game comes along. Full colour, 3D rendered art, full-motion video, full voice acting. It’s got point-and-click action sections, hand-to-hand brawling, rail-shooting sections, puzzles, and more. It blew everyone else out of the water.


Unfortunately, it does none of it well. The story is interesting, but too short to ever fully form. The action sequences are varied, but clunky and half-baked. The exploration gives you a large world, but is almost completely empty and just busywork going from place to place.


This game is a significant historical milestone, but I’d recommend watching a play-through rather that playing it yourself.


Full Play-though Here.


(Plus, all its spaceships look like weird, early twentieth century zeppelins!)

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