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Made in the early 00's by the Slovak studio Cypron Studios (Cypronia). Got re-released on Steam a while back. Warmonger is the datadisk, State of War is the original game.


It's a simplistic game. You don't even have control over producing the units, they are produced automatically at all times. No infantry, tanks and one-use (transporter with extra tanks, bomber) aerial units only. You can capture gold mines to get credits, which you can use to by defence turrets (five total, one is for aerial defences).


One interesting fact is, that the buildings are indestructible. When you reduce a building's health to zero, it switches sides, from you to the enemy or the other way. Some buildings are neutral at the start and it's about who gets there first.


It's a fun game, and a different spin on the RTS genre and looks good for its time, but some of the later missions and the escort ones can be tedious. Would I recommend it? It's more on the YES side. You can control something that looks like a typical alien "UFO" plate thing, and that doesn't happen often in games.

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