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  1. Another Wadjet-eye classic. Atmospheric, dark, not very long, but makes up for it with a great story and a fantastic soundtrack. At some points during the gameplay, you can switch between two characters' scenarios, eventually, you will have to complete both. Some puzzles might take a little while to figure out, but it's all relaxing, even during the minigame, you don't feel stressed. Might start to feel a bit long during the latter half, but it doesn't overstay its welcome. Recommended.
  2. Now this is a modern adventure game done right. It leaves you wanting more. Memorable characters, scenes, dialogue, a smooth experience. What helps the flow of the game, is that after each "mission", you are back at the base discussing your next plan. It gives you a break opportunity and it doesn't disrupt the story, which by the way, is fantastic. It's very cohesive, moody, pleasant and the puzzle-solving is relatively easy- This was my 2018 game of the year.
  3. A FPS-adventure-puzzle game, looks great, but you will inevitably get stuck. It's not a smooth experience. It's a hard sell, both to the hardcore adventure players and to newcomers.
  4. This is NOT actually an adventure, it's more of a puzzle game. And a damn-good one at that. Forget about the story, because this game is not about it. If you only just focus on yourself, the atmosphere and the music, which goes very well with the color-puzzle solving, you will enjoy this. Minimalistic design, maximum enjoyment. Reminds me of Antichamber, if you enjoyed that, you will enjoy this one.
  5. Not a lot of depth to this one, you have bikes that slightly vary in stats, you have regular racing and dirt bikes, 10 tracks, a tournament mode to unlock reverse mode, complete that to unlock mini-bikes, and that's about it. But I would recommend this to anyone, who loves quick, fun, arcade action, because while this is not a long game, it sure as hell is fun!
  6. 2 factions/campaigns (or 3 in the sequel), and they are lenghty. Your tech level increases as you progress through the campaign, so you start with small, cheap units and move up to bigger and better machines. Each of the campaigns (humans, roborts, mutants) is different and the variety is there, you have deathmatch, escort, protect, soft time limit and one-unit missions and it gets progressively harder as you go. In the second game, you can create your own, custom machines, by choosing 3 aspects: size, purpose and power-ups, which I have not seen in another game. Both KKnD Xtreme and the sequel KKnD 2: Krossfire are worth your time. Fun gameplay, humor, adjustable speed of gameplay so you don't have to rush your decisions if you are not a quick player, good-looking, banging soundtrack.
  7. Did NOT play this game, but enjoyed watching it, has an interesting concept, but is really slow-paced. Not your traditional strategy game. The campaing was a letdown, mainly thanks to the hero missions, where you have to clear hordes of enemies with your ONE unit. Can get repetetive really fast Probably would not recommend.
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