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I got this for Nintendo Switch, and it's a solid simulation with good controls & configuration. The course and landscape is quite pretty and varied, even only in the main 60 km loop. It's fun to drive like as either a civilian or a maniac.


+ nuanced traction + momentum sim (try turning off wheelie/stoppy protection)
+ decent sound (wind, engine shifting)

+ semi-realistic crashes, loss of control (curbs, jumps, etc.)

+ at least minimal turn notification/guides (like having a co-driver, but just icons at the top of the screen)

+ graphics let me pretend I'm traveling there



- timing or grades of turn/corner guides seem off sometimes (delayed, or a tight turn being called a gradual turn)

- I'd like the map HUD to be 2x size closer to horizon, or something to help me know upcoming turns


- control for field of view (default is good, but if rendering low resolution, zooming it would help)
- gyro steering


-- but despite their absence, I still love this game after playing it 1~ week.


Since my skills are slim, my favorite mode is time trial +ghost. It has a good "driving line" path+speed HUD guide, but I leave it off.

On Switch, the display resolution seems lower than 1080p, and it can make it a little difficult, but I think the underlying sim is quite good. You can enable/disable lots of stability and traction systems. I really wish they implemented gyro steering, but it came out 2018, so I don't expect updates.

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clarification of turn/curve guide in HUD, not turn signal as in amber indicator lights on a road vehicle :sweat_smile: (see edit history)

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