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  1. Here are some links to commemorate the live chat with Paul Morgan Stetler (actor portraying Curtis in Phantasmagoria 2) hosted 2021-04-14. Patreon for the budding series, Conversations with Curtis YouTube channel for Conversations with Curtis First live stream recording @ Patreon (behind pay wall, for now) My opinion: Everyone was very classy and energetic, on-topic, non-clique-y, which bodes well for the continuation of this documentary/discussion series. I pessimistically expected more off-topic shouting, but people were genuine and celebratory; good feels. I also applaud Paul's (and his helpers') preparation. There was a lot to share in one session, so that even if the worst happens and the series falls apart, this was an excellent documentary and celebration of the game.
  2. Spooky. I hope Ross isn't letting us dictate his schedule by updating the thumbnails right now… 'course you can do what you want, Ross.
  3. But it's "Freeman ^ Freeman", i.e. "Freeman to the power of Freeman", a play on the "Half-Life ^ 2". It would be confusing to put a "2" in the superscript Freeman head… [EDIT: not that that's what you were suggesting -- this occurred to me as an explicit alternative to your suggestion.] Or maybe it'd be fine.
  4. @Ross Scott I'm curious what your procedure is for the thumbnails. Is it something that you could semi-outsource, by sharing a GIMP/Photoshop template + time codes, or else take suggestions for time codes for screen shots?
  5. Here's a screenshot of the "History of our Town" texture from Leisure Suit Larry: Magna Cum Laude (2004) https://www.mobygames.com/game/windows/leisure-suit-larry-magna-cum-laude/screenshots/gameShotId,100889/ (archived image)
  6. I'm loving the scenery, and the constant variety of the gravel Welsh roads. The engine audio is quite buggy for me, so I'm playing muted while listening to podcasts (controlling with keyboard or game pad). I'll look out for a steering wheel at the thrift store for this one.
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