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Running through the valley and making all the trees blossom is extremely fun. Makes you feel like that greek god with the goat legs, or Radagast the brown.

The plot is pretty bad. There's no point in reading all the hidden notes since everything is repeated in the audio recordings anyway.

The worst thing about it is the ending; you actually  (spoiler below)


destroy the whole valley, making everything you've done inconsequential. The valley was doing fine before you came, and then in your greed you literally raise the entire valley in a huge explosion and consequent fire, so all the trees you revived and the bad creatures you cured are all dead now anyway.

Not only that, the heroine is behaving very irrationally. (spoiler below)


The nazis are blazing through europe, tens of millions of people are dying, but she is more concerned with saving a few trees and rabbits in one small valley.

It's all worth it though for those brief moments where you run free through the valley.

Keep "always sprint" on in the options; there's no need to walk slow anywhere in the game.

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