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  1. As a five or six year old boy playing this, a robot that transforms into a jet and shoots lasers was the essence of cool.
  2. It's pretty standard, nothing too exciting. There's a lot of recorded speech, which is impressive, but nobody really says anything of substance. I started out trying to talk about everything with everyone, but quickly learned that no new information is given at any point and it's not entertaining either. The game has a feeling of an author's first novel - the next one will probably be much better.
  3. Kot

    The Void

    This is like a weird german expressionist film. It's very artsy, and obscure. Personally it didn't click with me. I found it frustrating and tiring to constantly try and understand what the hell's going on. The easiest way to escape the void is to exit the game.
  4. I loved that game except for one thing - the enemies get harder and harder whether you collect the items you're gathering or not, so It's kind of like playing on a timer. That ruined it a bit for me. You're constantly in a hurry.
  5. In the world of puzzle-exploration games defined by such landmarks as "The Witness" and "The Talos Principle", this game just barely gets a passing grade.
  6. It's not very cohesive. It seems like it was written by people from across the EU who never sat in the same room. Many responses are odd, like they were badly translated from a different language. Your character's behaviour is all over the place - sometimes you're sweet, sometimes you're rude, seemingly at random; it's very hard to predict what'll come out of your mouth next. There's very little holding this game together. as nice as the environment is, I'd say "pass" on this one.
  7. The guys above me are absolutely right about all the disadvantages, but I got totally addicted to the original "spintires" a couple of years back, and I don't regret it. Watching those huge rigs tumbling about in the mud, it's a beautiful game. It's very slow and methodical gameplay. Great for people who love technical sim games. It lends itself very well to listening to music or an audiobook while playing. Also you can totally play this without a steering wheel. I'm pretty sure spintires has a free demo somewhere so you can always check it out free and see if you like it.
  8. You get to freely explore a very realistic space station! It looks amazing. True, the puzzles are sub-par, but they are mostly used as a device to engage the player in the moment, and not as challenges by themselves. It's not a puzzle game, it's a thriller. The beginning has you looking through wall mounted cameras, like "five nights at freddy's", but fear not - you get to freely explore shortly after. I really recommend to try and play this at lower resolution. something like 1024×576. It makes everything look like the feed of a streaming camera. Really puts you in the mood and makes everything look realistic.
  9. I've played this game years ago, but it definitely died since. There's no singleplayer campaign yet and there never will be one. Only buy this game if you're happy with what it has now, which is two (admittedly fun) singleplayer missions. It's been early access since 2009 I think, and it hasn't gotten anything new of substance in probably 6 years.
  10. Kot


    Running through the valley and making all the trees blossom is extremely fun. Makes you feel like that greek god with the goat legs, or Radagast the brown. The plot is pretty bad. There's no point in reading all the hidden notes since everything is repeated in the audio recordings anyway. The worst thing about it is the ending; you actually (spoiler below) Not only that, the heroine is behaving very irrationally. (spoiler below) It's all worth it though for those brief moments where you run free through the valley. Keep "always sprint" on in the options; there's no need to walk slow anywhere in the game.
  11. I know what you're talking about. I think it's the overall sluggishness. You move just a little too slow, every action happens with a little bit of lag. It's just mechanically frustrating to play.
  12. I found the protagonist way too irritating to handle. I had to quit when he was chanting "multi tool! multi tool! multi tool!". What a pillock...
  13. One of the best games I played in a while. It does a lot of things right, and it's definitely worth having a look.
  14. For my part you guys could quietly pass on this one. Very weak plot. Computer gains consciousness and a parade of tired old arguments about self awareness is trotted out in front of the player. The astronauts behave like children rather than trained professionals. Everything is covered behind massive bloom effect. It's very hard to immerse yourself in it. The puzzles and game mechanics are good, even very good, but it's not worth the trouble.
  15. Very melancholic. You can't even turn off the sobby piano notes in the background.
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