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Freeman's Mind: Episode 31

Download 672x384 WMV (74MB)

Here’s Episode 31. I think the writing is a little better here than the last one, I was rusty having not done Freeman’s Mind for a while. Some of you may think I’ve been manipulating the enemy AI for this episode or the past two, but I haven’t. While it’s not the case in all episodes, the enemy behavior for the past few has been exactly how it played out in the game. The next episode I think will be more exciting.

Unfortunately I’m sick with something at the moment and it’s affected my throat, so there won’t be anything voice-related until it gets better. There’s no shortage of other things to work on however. “The Tunnel” is getting really close to done except primarily for sound effects, plus I still want to get the forums and more subtitles up, and respond to the many emails I’ve received. As soon as my throat gets better, I’ll resume recording and update the progress bar, though there’s a real chance you’ll see Civil Protection next before the next Freeman’s Mind episode.

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