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Follow the thoughts of Gordon Freeman, theoretical physicist and survivor. In this episode, Freeman explore more of the canal system and does not get strangled.

Previous episode here:

Donations welcome! I’ll make more videos either way.

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Happy Birthday to me! Having a birthday right during middle break, I usually try to avoid working on it, but this time, I got all the files back for Freeman's Mind, so I decided to finish it off, so here it is! This is going to be the last video for this year as I am still sick and can't do any more voicework until I recover. My original plan was to have an additional FM and DGN episode this month, but that will just have to wait until later. The good / bad news is I have so many other things I can work on instead that it may be a mixed blessing. I'll enjoy the not being sick part when that happens though.


Also at this point, Youtube's demonetization bot is in full swing without much recourse around it, I'll discuss that more on the next videochat. I'm willing to bet the video will be flagged as not suitable for all advertisers within a few hours of this post, then marked as suitable for all advertisers after I manually submit it for review. Youtube is not wise.



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Happy Birthday Ross!

you really deserve a rest and a fast cure.

Thank you for so much fun and professional entertainment!

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I enjoyed the callback to one of my favourite moments from, I think, episode 28:


“Aliens aren't invading, Freeman, you're just being paranoid. The mailman's not spying on you, Freeman, you're just being paranoid. There's no society of anthropomorphic frog people living in the sewer, Freeman, you're just being paranoid. Owls can't read your thoughts, Freeman, you're just being paranoid.”


Guess we add another thing to the list now.

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It’s kind of weak that Freeman complains about there not being any supplies, but he ignores the only boxes that actually have supplies in them.

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Hey there. My husband introduced me to your streams and they make me laugh a lot! Thank you! This is important to me to post this. I have stage 4 breast cancer and you keep me sane. You are the best Thank you for the laughs. I hope you get To feeling better soon. :)

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