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  1. I enjoyed the callback to one of my favourite moments from, I think, episode 28: “Aliens aren't invading, Freeman, you're just being paranoid. The mailman's not spying on you, Freeman, you're just being paranoid. There's no society of anthropomorphic frog people living in the sewer, Freeman, you're just being paranoid. Owls can't read your thoughts, Freeman, you're just being paranoid.” Guess we add another thing to the list now.
  2. As a longtime follower of you, FM, Civil Protection, all of it, a massive, massive congratulations on the engagement and marriage. Makes me, and I'm sure everyone else on here, happy to see you doing well.
  3. Praise be to the Freeman. Don't think anything else needs to be said that hasn't been already. You have our loyal support and patience.
  4. That made me laugh. I really enjoyed the video, though I can't imagine what making it must have done to your throat/vocal chords.
  5. Let's not count our chickens, but it's good to see that things may be moving, however slowly they may be.
  6. I personally would be sad if you switched. While I'm excited to see Half Life in an updated style, I think it would detract from the charm of the series. I mean, I show FM to my Dad, who (while he does think you're funny) mainly watches it just to see someone play through the original game. Either way, no matter how you did it, I think it would be jarring to switch over. And what's the benefit? Surely nobody's watching FM and thinking 'damn, I can't enjoy the witty dialogue with these decade+ old graphics.' Of course, it's your series. If you want to change at some point, that's your call. If you want to make Gordon tap-dance for a whole episode in front of an exciting new weapon that you pointedly ignore, that's also your call. I'm just a forum weirdo offering my opinion
  7. Oh please, no, can we not tell people to start emailing Ross things like "MOAR CP AND FM NAAAOOOW" Hope you don't strain your voice doing any recording before you're good and ready Mr Scott. We'd all rather have to wait another week, than a month because you've screwed yourself up by pushing it too hard Also, that is some smexy quality on the good ol' Tunnel, so good job there too.
  8. Black and White 1 was hampered by its controls in my opinion and I felt like I didn't have enough guidence on what I should be doing, so I eventually gave up on it. Classic modern gamer I suppose. It's the Populous comparisons that have got me psyched for it though. I know a heck of a lot of people will disagree, but for me, Populous is the greatest game of all time. Beautiful, fun, innovative, never matched. Until now, hopefully, although admittedly they're different styles of game. Finger hovering over the pre-order button of From Dust as we speak.
  9. Anyone excited for this one? Out next week (in the UK anyway, don't know if the same applies to everyone else). Called the 'spiritual successor to Populous' and Black and White, it got a lot of praise at E3 and is generally causing a bit of excitement. Anybody buying it, thoughts, etc? Just a quick little topic, for my amusement *evil cackle*
  10. Seananners still count? Don't remember the last time he posted Minecraft, but he was the one who made me buy the game. Also X, but he's gone off Minecraft for now... here's hoping the Adventure update will get him playing again.
  11. Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion It was my very first RPG. I played it, got out of the sewers, walked to Jauffre at the monastery... and gave up. I'd given it 2 hours to be fair and I was hating every minute of it. I sold it on and went back to pwning teh n00bs at COD. Then, 2 years later, I bought it again and it's now one of my favourite games of all time. Also, concur with Infamous. I bought it and Prototype and Infamous was soo slow in comparison that I gave up. I went back after I'd finished Prototype and it turned out that Infamous was really a far better game than I'd originally thought.
  12. I read all the arguments regardless, even though I've not got an opinion. Form them for me, random internet people!
  13. Ok, well....... again, I'll reiterate my point of view, that I have minimal knowledge of formats/players/whatever. I don't care what format is chosen, but if it changes from WMV then we NEED at least a forum topic about how to play them. What codecs need to be downloaded, what players, etc, etc. I'm not even saying that Ross needs to do it, just SOMEONE. Otherwise, yeah, do whatever. Just don't alienate people by making it too complicated, with no explanation from anyone about how to make it work.
  14. My problem is that, although I'm hardly a tech-o-phobe, and I'm decntly computer literate (well, as much as a casual user can be), I have no idea about the various codec things. WMV works with windows media player and it works with my htc phone, without me having to download players, or anything like that. So I would ask that you either keep it as WMV, or pick something with the same amount of compatibility... whatever that would be.
  15. I don't have too many, but one that sticks out was on Fifa 2007. I'd completed about 4 seasons on manager mode, and was saving the game, when there was a power cut. Naturally this corrupted the save data....... FFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU
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