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  1. Believe it or not, i was playing San Andreas an hour before i jumped on twitter and saw rockstars post. I really want to go back to vice city again. Wait, since Rosenburg was in VC then SA, will Niko(or Roman but i thought he died or something) be in gta v?
  2. Red dead revolver + redemption, Command and Conquer, Gun (ps2 and xbox), maybe some of the Goldeneye's(the first, rogue agent, etc.).Mafia could be a good one, wolfenstein, doom. I would say assassains creed, but it's too good to be made into a movie, it'd dissappoint alot of fans. Which brings me to another point. Most games being made into movies are like books. There made in the hopes of getting more sales. Also, the difference in games is that it's visual, which allows players to connect and visualize it. Then when they goto the movie, it'd be like watching it again which, is really boring. Max payne is an excellant example. The game was fantastic, the movie, not so much. They had max willingly inject himself with valkyr. See?
  3. I feel the need to make a topic for this because I Haven't came across any here. Sooo youtubers that are popular because of minecraft: off the top of my head, bluexephos(yogscast) captain sparklez, the one worlds(not famous but rising stars!). Any more?
  4. Believe it or not I was on gamestop looking at cheats for half life, and a side video said something about people watching freemans mind off to the side. It was around june last year
  5. My hard drive bit the bullet. Fuuuuuu. Minecraft, why u no have mobile version yet?!?
  6. Banned for banning a person who banned a person who banned more people which continued thia topic even more which requires me to ban you. (Not really you can't ban from phones)
  7. im just going to put this here edit: the video is the video titled "annoying".
  8. I believe it is where Freeman regains his memoory in the episode. or ross is screwing with us, trying to get us to freak out. and i gotta say its working on some.
  9. Am I the only one calling this call of duty with aliens? On ps3 the controls are hauntingly similar to each other. Not to mention regentative helath nd only two weapons allowed at once. Its like hevy weapons guy meets half life. Then again I haven't played much. I'm at duke dome rite b4 you enter I think. With the former info in mind this is a pretty good Game.
  10. The pun is that he is grabbin pills. Ofrazlan I believe.
  11. Definately the adventure sphere and space sphere. The only reason the adventure sphere s better is because of his song.
  12. Also if you ever played half life, you get weapons training, box pushing, box breaking, an actual hazard area in training. The firing range isn't to far from wear he stops. Oh and the turning bridge. Plus the med kit afterwards is another reason why he stops where he was.
  13. Idk if this has been said yet, but you can long jump onto the 1 light thingy from the elevator. Then you drop down and attain no dmg whatsoever.
  14. Also whenever he "holsters/hides" the mp5 and crowbar I think, they both disappear and don't have an animation. It bothers me most. I've played hl1 since opposing force was releases amd when it came with tfc I still have the disc copy.
  15. I haven't finished but ten minutes and will watch it off and on. I liked the pics they put in.
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