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  1. I could totally see the last episode being on that infamous last day. Freeman is talking to GMan, and instead of accepting his offer, he declines. Screen fades to army of enemies and then the world ends.
  2. Great way to follow up Cinco de Mayo. Nice job Ross
  3. I also liked seeing the Borealis ship development yard (at least I think that is what it is). Seeing the HL reference brought back memories of better times
  4. Mine was originally OddsAgainst (and I have since reverted back to that in recent years), but lovely Battlefield 2 registration made me mess up so many times in registration that by the time I got it to work, my name had morphed into GoodOddsAgainst. It represents my skill at games, the good odds are always against me.
  5. What is your favorite or funniest moment in Portal 2? For me, it is the first test chamber Wheatley designs for you where pressing a button solves the test. I love the feeling of that success.
  6. Modern Warfare 2. Who the hell prices a game at its release price 2 YEARS LATER? (I just checked the price on Steam, thankfully it dropped in the last month or so, but still, that was a long time)
  7. Valve: HL, HL, HL, HL, and Portal is in there somewhere Bethesda: On of the many kings of RPGs. Oblivion onward, not a single miss. Treyarch: Wait, what? Woops, meant to put this one in the Worst 5 Developers thread. (This is just my bias, but completely disregarding PC gaming when you have one of the largest budgets the gaming industry has nowadays earns two thumbs down for me. Oh, and the fact that they planned to release modding tools a year after the game was released just pissed me off.) Please forgive my rage Bioware: Mass Effect. 'Nuff said Dice: I am willing to forgive the complete un-Battlefieldness of BC2 in lieu of their great track record with BF1942 and BF2 Crytek: Ok, so maybe Crysis 2 was a step down from its previous games, but Far Cry and Crysis are by far the most advanced games and both do a great job at story telling.
  8. Psych. I prefer this version of Scooby Doo more. Scrubs is also good.
  9. We have such a stupid ass Superintendent here in good old Idaho. The jackass wanted to fire a bunch of teachers so he buy us all laptops so that we could then take all our classes online. For one, the laptops would have been the 100 dollar variety and would have struggled just to run W98. Two, what college would want to take students who took their education over the internet and probably cheated on half of the assignments. Three, the cost of buying a laptop and maintaining the upkeep (computer problems, viruses, hardware breaking) would highly out way simply paying teachers. It wasn't until I read on this guys history that really got me worried. Our district elected a guy who took his classes online. On the bright side, some hero vandalized his car. Way to go free speech, and other illegal activities!
  10. RC COLA! WOOT! (expressed with obvious sarcasm)
  11. I don't really care what people believe, but I will believe that we evaporated out of thin air or are sons and daughters of apes when they can prove that our whole universe started as a tiny ball.
  12. I am using Windows 7 Professional 32bot. I wish I could move to Ubuntu, but Steam won't make the move.
  13. Dual Monitors rock (although it would be nice if they were the same size), thats all I can say. Also, I am using Objectdock Pro to create the Macish style.
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