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  1. "I won’t neglect FM for months at a time" - Ross after episode 37
  2. How about the already suggested tags, but also tags for people who have helped out a lot in other ways such as subtitles, voice acting, etc.?
  3. Crap. Now I need to buy a plane ticket to California AND get siege weapons past airport security.
  4. [attachment=0]desktop.jpg[/attachment]
  5. Postpone the attempts to break the shell I've formed around myself over the past dozen years. Amazing coincidence... I too have a shell... Human-turtle hybrids FTW! I don't have a shell but I have a third pinky toe.
  6. Random things that people know they will regret but decide to do anyway. e.g. watching "2 girls one cup" in order to see what everyone is talking about. Or burning down the Machinima building only to realize that they are now unable to upload "the tunnel". List interesting stuff
  7. Because civil protection is better than a lot of the other crap they put on their channel.
  8. That sounds fun. I have a few spare cats we could catapult at their headquarters.
  9. I have seen a lot of people saying that the mayan calendar ends in 2012. None of them have consulted Google. Please do so.
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