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  1. This system could easily handle the games you mentioned at 1080p/60 fps if you decided to upgrade your monitor. I would even venture to say you could run L4D2 at more than 80fps on high settings and no AA with a 560.
  2. Hello Deus Ignis! Welcome to the forum! Yes we do have some avid builders here and people much more experienced than me with hardware of that time. I built my first PC in 2012 so I may be able to help. There are great youtubers like RandomGaminginHD or TechYESCity that focus on building very budget computers and maximizing bang for the buck. Here is his channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUzjKyS5r72bfvPkA6GxpRg Here is an example of what you can do with very little money by searching at the right places by Tech YES City bulding a PC for $135 He basically builds a PC with a quad core core i5 760 from the first core i5 generation and a 1050ti whcih is a mid range card from the previous generation with less than $250. That configuration will run you ANY game from 2014-2015 and lower at 1080p medium to high settings at 30-45 FPS for the most demanding games and more than 60FPS at 1080p high for older games like TF2 and I would even dare say Overwatch. You could even play GTA V at medium-high at 30-60 FPS. That is KILLER performance for that budget. Newer mid-tier parts like a core i5 or Ryzen 5 processors can cost that much. Now, in order to tailor our recomendations please give us the following information: The resolution you plan to play on (your monitor's resolution) and the Games you want to play and the country that you live in so we can tailor reccomendations to the hardware avaliable over there. Since you plan to play games from around 10 years ago, you can probably get a pre-used computer from 6-5 years ago for really cheap and add a relatively new low end graphics card. Basically any graphics card from the last 5 years WILL play TF2 or games like that, even stuff like Killing Floor at more than 60 fps at med-high settings. Back in the day I had a Core 2 Duo E7500 and a HD 5750 and that played TF2 at more than 60 FPS at 720p. We can help you chose the right used parts and give you resources so you can do it all yourself. At this price range, basically DIY is your only option to maximize bang for the buck.
  3. Well the thing is most front facing cameras as far as I know have a fixed focus point. They literally do not have focusing hardware. Unless you talk about seriously high end phones that have front facing good cameras as a highlight. So maybe there is a software way to make it work but as far as I'm aware, there aren't many phones that have hardware that enables the front facing camera to focus as a back camera would usig different glass elements on the lenses.
  4. Luis

    Games Where You Play As a Hobo

    Well if you play GTA V as Trevor, you're basically a bum who owns a trailer.
  5. Luis

    Things you got recently

    That's a glorious ass keyboard my friend. I'm more into tenkeyless but damn, that volume knob is sexy.
  6. Luis

    Things you got recently

    I got myself some christmas presents I bought an Audioquest Dragonfly DAC and AMP combo for my headphones along with the Apple CCK to connect it to my iPhone. The combo was about $130: It's not much of an upgrade from my iPhone's included adapter for headphones but I didn't really know that until after I bought it. I might be getting an Oppo HA2 now. It does make the sound a bit fuller and i head tiny specs of detail that weren't there before but it's not that much of an upgrade sadly. Still, a good product that has its uses. I'm certain it is better than my on board audio codec but not by much :l not the best purchase ever lol. I also got me a new essential oils diffuser. I have a doterra petal that an ex gifted me but it's been malfunctioning. I bought spare parts online and tried to repair it and it's better than before but nowhere near as good as it was when I first got it so I got a new one. It's the Smiley Daisy Hibiscus. It's been a killer performer for now. $43: And also got me a Bluetooth speaker, the Anker Soundcore Motion B. The Soundcore 2 was in a couple of best bluetooth speakers for under $50 so I picked up this updated model. It is a very good performer and very, very loud. The battery life is great. it has bass emphasis but it's not too much, it suits its purpose. I needed something to listen to music in the shower and on trips and my phone's speaker wasnt cutting it. I'm pretty happy with everything except the audioquest dragonfly black. I'll be upgrading from it as soon as I can. It's good but not what I was looking for.
  7. Luis

    Things you got recently

    Those M40Xs seem to be using some custom pads on the photo. Are you also going for the custom pads? I've heard that can improve their audio a lot (and those are really good by themselves)
  8. Ok. We have 3 musketeers. If somebody else wants to join you're more than welcome. (More people = harder enemies = More Fun = more, better loot). @Alyxx Thorne I already have you on steam I believe and @BTGBullseye I sent you a friend request. My name on Steam right now is Vapor3oN (AF) (AF in brackets). Let me know when I can send that copy your way! :D I don't feel like dealing with hamachi or anything like that lol. Unless it works with good ping for all of us (less than 150-200)
  9. if it works we can go with it and if not I'll gift you a copy.
  10. Awesoooome. I still haven't bought them but I will after the 30 do you have a leveled up character?
  11. Hey guys Back in the day when I first got BORDERLANDS I made a couple of playthroughs and have a couple of decent level characters but I stopped playing before the DLCs came out (and stopped gaming all-together for some time). I've heard they're really good. I'm specially interested in Dr. Zed's and CLaptrap's. Is there anybody who is up for the challenge? Borderlands is 3x as fun with more people and I really want to get the best experience out of it. I'm also down for the Borderlands 2 DLCs if you guys are! We need 3 people . Let's do it!
  12. Luis

    Post your setup!

    Hey I recently upgraded my motherboard, CPU and RAM. I went from an i5 4430, Asus Z87-K and 8 GB of RAM at 1600Mhz to an i5 8400, an Asus Z370-A prime and 8gb of ram @ 2133 Mhz (cheap ass ram) but this serves me well for now. I basically wanted to get better minimum FPS in PUBG as the war modes that concentrate tens of players in small spots made my framerate drop to 30s and 40s. Now it's more like 40s and 50s lol. Kept the 1070, CM 690II, Seasonic 620w PSU, storage, 212X and optical drives from before I'm thinking about a VR headset now but I need to get stuff like new speakers and a DAC before that.
  13. Luis

    Post your setup!

    Nice GPU upgrade! Those 3rd/4th gen i5s, even the 2nd gen, have great performance for 1080p gaming.
  14. Luis

    Hey We're Launching a Bit Bare

    I just want to take time to appreciate the work of you guys behind the scenes. I have a lot of fond memories here in AF and love to see the forum and website re-vamped. Maybe Ross will start promotion the site a little bit more ro bring the forums back to their glory days.
  15. People who buy cards for that much money tend to want them to be certified. You might want to look into that to sell that one easily. https://www.starcitygames.com/content/cardconditions

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