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  1. Luis

    Last Game You Played

    I'm currently going through Plants Vs Zombies 2. I played it before it got acquired by EA and became a grind fest but I'm now going through the grind fest. They did incorporate some very cool new plants and it gets hard towards the last levels which was my main complain with the first one. It was way too easy. I'm also playing TLOZ: Breath Of The Wild on Cemu emulator. It's a joy to play at 1080p/60fps. The game is beautiful even if limited by the switch and wii u's specs a bit. When I have company I like to play Cuphead because it's easier than going through it single player. and I also play PUBG or CS:GO almost daily. I've also got back into playing ZDaemon (an engine port of Doom which has tons and tons and tons of wads. It's pretty ballar).
  2. JsXanatos backed up most of The Gman Squad's skits. Here is a playlist with all of them: The Gman Squad
  3. Luis


    I'm sure BTG will report to us if it wasn't done by him. Let us know if something is off and change your pw immediately if it is. :)
  4. Luis

    Post your setup!

    What is so demanding that you need a 2080ti for? the Vega 56 should allow you to run most games (that are not extremely demanding) at 1080p/144hz. I'd dare say you could even run a Vive easily with a Vega 56.
  5. Luis

    Post your setup!

    Thanks for the clarification! It is a great time to be a PC enthusiast. CPUs from both AMD and Intel are pretty damn good. RAM prices are back down and are even cheaper than before the price spikes begun. Even though GPUs have ramped up in price you can get used GPUs that still perform great from previous generations from excellent prices and APUs are competent as fuck. I love it. That Vega 56 will make your system an even stronger beast.
  6. Luis

    Emails Working Again

    Great! Thanks for the update
  7. Luis

    Post your setup!

    I actually just tested PUBG and even though I do not have exact benchmarks the game did feel a lot smoother. My FPS in the different maps tended to hover around 90-100-110 FPS and it is now at over 110 all the time fluctuating between 110 and 130 and even 140 sometimes. The difference is very, very noticeable. The extra smoothness makes the game a bit more responsive. I'm a happy man now.
  8. Luis

    Post your setup!

    There's been a little update in my rig. I bought 16gb of G.Skill Ripjaws at 3000Mhz that replace my 8GB of Kingston FuryX at 2133. I ran a benchmark before putting the new kit in and there are some improvements but it seems I wasn't as bottlenecked by the single-channel 8gb at 2133 as I thought I was. This was with the 8GB : And this is with the 16gb: I also got 2 more FPS in Half-Life 2: Lost Coast's benchmark. I know I could have seen a bigger difference by benchmarking the memory itself or CPU-heavy applications but didn't feel like downloading more stuff. I will report if I see more stability in gameplay in PUBG. I re-did mi cable management and connected a fan that was disconnected. That may be why there is a slight reduction in the temperatures. Also for some reason I had a hard time gettiong my motherboard to boot with these at 3000 Mhz. CPU-Z shows that the memory is running fine at 3000Mhz but the biuos for some reason states that these are 2133 sticks running at 3000mhz.
  9. Luis

    Post your setup!

    Hey I hadn't taken that into consideration. Looking at the boards my local store has, they have a mini itx and a micro atx board of the same price. But the mini itx is much more barebones. One is B360 and the other one B365M. I personally do not mind since my i5 8400 does not support overclocking. I currently have a Z370 one because it's what came with the bundle I bought. These are the two avaliable ones: ASROCK B360M-ITX-AC and ASROCK B365M PHANTOM GAMING 4 The B365M lacks USB 3.1 and onboard wifi but those aren't features I'm particularly attracted to. It has a better audio codec though.. I think I'll follow your advice and look for slim micro ATX cases for that mobo. I'm not fond of asrock as back in the Core 2 Duo days I had a G13 and G41 motherboard die on me and they were both asrock but I haven't heard of issues with their boards in years.
  10. Luis

    Post your setup!

    I'll definitely be jealous. My system is looking so ugly. I had some issues with one of my hard drives after an unexpected shutdown and opened the case to disconnect my data HDD and only keep the SSD connected. I dusted it off mainly to lower temps but man, I really need to invest in some decent looking fans. My current fans are random, some non-functional and look ugly being all different. I have a 120mm Corsair SP Blue on the back, a 140mm blue LED bitfenix (that for some reason doesn't work) at the bottom and the original exhaust CM fan next to the bitfenix as an intake. The front blue LED 120mm that is supposed to be able to be turned on and off only has 1 remaining LED that lights up and barely spins because of debris buildup. My dream is to get a mini itx motherboard and a nice itx case to fit it all in but since it works fine as it is now I don't prioritize it. The GPU is never over 70C and neither is the CPU. I plan to be able to move to another country by the end of the year and at this point, I think it will be better to invest in a good mini ITX case and motherboard and sell my old CM 690II basic and mobo. That will probably also mean investing in a good little heatsink as the Hyper 212X is not small by any means. It bugs me that ITX also sometimes implies getting an SFX power supply. :l If anybody has suggestions for a good mini ITX case that might fit into a large suitcase I'm all ears. The Dr.Zaber Sentry is beautiful but a bit expensive for my taste. I want the case to be affordable especially considering I might have to get a new CPU heatsink, motherboard, new power supply and maybe even new storage as not all small cases have support for a clunky 3.5' HDD. Bonus points if it fits an optical unit. The SilverStone Technology Tek Raven Z Evolution look pretty cool as it is one of the few that does fit a standard power supply. It doesn't support a 3.5' HDD but storage is not as expensive.
  11. Luis

    Post your setup!

    Nice. Are the temps OK? I'd guess two case fans are way better than the included ones on the GPU heatsink. I've seen people do this and it looks rad to me as a DYI PC Enthusiast.
  12. This system could easily handle the games you mentioned at 1080p/60 fps if you decided to upgrade your monitor. I would even venture to say you could run L4D2 at more than 80fps on high settings and no AA with a 560.
  13. Hello Deus Ignis! Welcome to the forum! Yes we do have some avid builders here and people much more experienced than me with hardware of that time. I built my first PC in 2012 so I may be able to help. There are great youtubers like RandomGaminginHD or TechYESCity that focus on building very budget computers and maximizing bang for the buck. Here is his channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUzjKyS5r72bfvPkA6GxpRg Here is an example of what you can do with very little money by searching at the right places by Tech YES City bulding a PC for $135 He basically builds a PC with a quad core core i5 760 from the first core i5 generation and a 1050ti whcih is a mid range card from the previous generation with less than $250. That configuration will run you ANY game from 2014-2015 and lower at 1080p medium to high settings at 30-45 FPS for the most demanding games and more than 60FPS at 1080p high for older games like TF2 and I would even dare say Overwatch. You could even play GTA V at medium-high at 30-60 FPS. That is KILLER performance for that budget. Newer mid-tier parts like a core i5 or Ryzen 5 processors can cost that much. Now, in order to tailor our recomendations please give us the following information: The resolution you plan to play on (your monitor's resolution) and the Games you want to play and the country that you live in so we can tailor reccomendations to the hardware avaliable over there. Since you plan to play games from around 10 years ago, you can probably get a pre-used computer from 6-5 years ago for really cheap and add a relatively new low end graphics card. Basically any graphics card from the last 5 years WILL play TF2 or games like that, even stuff like Killing Floor at more than 60 fps at med-high settings. Back in the day I had a Core 2 Duo E7500 and a HD 5750 and that played TF2 at more than 60 FPS at 720p. We can help you chose the right used parts and give you resources so you can do it all yourself. At this price range, basically DIY is your only option to maximize bang for the buck.
  14. Well the thing is most front facing cameras as far as I know have a fixed focus point. They literally do not have focusing hardware. Unless you talk about seriously high end phones that have front facing good cameras as a highlight. So maybe there is a software way to make it work but as far as I'm aware, there aren't many phones that have hardware that enables the front facing camera to focus as a back camera would usig different glass elements on the lenses.
  15. Luis

    Games Where You Play As a Hobo

    Well if you play GTA V as Trevor, you're basically a bum who owns a trailer.

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