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  1. posting a reply to this thread edit: editing this reply to this thread
  2. why is this video stressing me out? what magic is happening
  3. oneyng made some pretty popular newgrounds and youtube animations back in the day and silvagunner replaces melodies in video game music with memes. i don't know any of the other people.
  4. can i have his voice? i'd love it a million times over the one i have. also, i need to practice my guitar playing.
  5. worrying over an awful job interview i had, first one i had too
  6. i should do one too? i guess... spoilered so people can pass by it if they don't care, which i assume is going to be most people. same about that first half, haha
  7. according to me, there are a lot of things to not like about me. are you like that, too? if so you could probably use this thread to get your thoughts together and try to compile a list to go down one by one and improve on them. sorry if this is a duplicate topic by the way, i didn't see one but i imagine there was something like this in 8 years
  8. i wish i didn't have a libido at all. it's genuinely making me uncomfortable that i have it, especially with how strong it is. is this post too down for this place? i'm wondering if this is better suited for serious discussion instead.
  9. If you'd have asked two weeks ago, I'd have said Christianity. Nowadays, I don't know. I'm not adverse to the idea, I just recognize that as a human being I'm too dead set in my biases and i just don't know enough to even put myself in the position of having a genuine answer to figure out what's real. The only way to do so would be to make the trip to the afterlife, which for me would probably be the bad ending afterlife. Hearing the experiences of this one guy I met who died and then was revived. I don't really mind them, as long as their moral code doesn't say murder is good or something like that. After all, these are pretty much just opinions, no human being is ever likely to figure out what's actually true due to our own mortality and flaws inevitably biasing any potential revelation toward the conclusion they were raised with. There was the one time that the guy I culled my form of the Christian faith from was screencapped and the images sent to me talking about how much he hated me in specific and by name. That wasn't good. I don't really have many good or bad experiences with religious people. Well, I suppose I have a friend who i used to have a giant crush on who's been very supportive and honestly is probably my best friend at the moment. The last week or so with him has been amazing. He's a Christian, but he never even brings it up since he's pretty much too depressed to. Also, we met on a Discord server dedicated to the members' fantasies of being Pokémon, so i dunno if that's super compatible with Christianity, at least mainstream Christianity.
  10. I especially don't like question 15, because if I say "disagree" it implies no business owner may also work in their privately owned factory. Huh? Personally, I think if someone wants to work in the business they own, like say a farmer incorporating his farm, that's not a problem. But then, if I do say yes, it automatically grants me a couple points toward the left despite that not necessarily even being the case—what if I think that means should be privately owned for the owner to run how they see fit, including being one of the ones to use it? anyway, back to doing it, i guess i'll just say "neutral"... and yeah, that's about what i expected to get. maybe a little closer to centrism than i figured, i think i'm a little more than 72% individualist, but eh.
  11. Pokémon: Detective Pikachu 7/10 It was good and (usually) looked fantastic, but didn't have the greatest grasp on the franchise lore and the plot is interesting but uninspiring. Nothing someone without anything better to do couldn't figure out far before the characters do. Also what is up with like all the text in the film? Long-form short-form review:
  12. Oh. The thread's kinda terrible. Personally, I think that if you leave well enough alone, it'll go fine. Legislating everything only really works for the largest entities like Wal-Mart, most small businesses can't even afford to comply. To hopefully illustrate what I mean, let's go with the Title 2 ISP regulations. My old ISP back when I was living in the boonies was absolutely crushed by it due to the fact it was probably run out of the owner's spare bedroom and had as a very optimistic estimate maybe like 8 or 9 server computers, but someone like Comcast or Cox would be perfectly fine with it, they wouldn't feel it. A lot of legislation is made with just the biggest corporations in mind, with no consideration to how it would affect startups. I wouldn't say that's necessarily a bad thing, after all, it would be unreasonable to consider every single company in a given industry, but at the same time if your actions attempting to legislate away anti-competitive things just make competition even harder to accomplish by forcing them to do something that would work out for a larger corporation specifically due to the fact they are larger and have more resources, then something is wrong with your bill. That happens far more often than you might think.
  13. If someone could expand upon this bad boy, the '93 Pieper carbine, I would love them to the moon and back. If not, I might have to pick up the mantle myself in the far future. I mean, I'm going to probably end up going to school for mechanical engineering anyway, so I figure hopefully firearms are still legal in the US by 2040 so I can start producing them after getting experience working for... like, Franklin or something.
  14. I'm surprised to see so many authoritarians here. Ross seems fairly laid-back for that, but then at the same time people like what they like so I'm glad they even get the chance to enjoy something in the first place. I don't think I even necessarily disagree with almost anyone here in what the major problems are, just the best solution for said problems.
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