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  1. Binky The Rabbit

    Last Game You Played

    Ratchet And Clank: The Quest For Booty.
  2. Binky The Rabbit

    Things you got recently

    A lil' bit drunk.
  3. Binky The Rabbit

    Rate the Last Movie you saw.

    ^----- 'Holiday', by Isabella Eklof. Grim, grim reality of drug-dealing families and their trophy girlfriends. Also may be watching One Upon A Time In Hollywood next week, will update you afterwards.
  4. Binky The Rabbit

    things you don't like about yourself

    Well tonight I was told that having my hair down makes me look like a sex offender, so growing my hair out was probably a poor decision.
  5. Binky The Rabbit

    Political Compass

    That's the really depressing bit. You can implement the perfect, truly fair system, and there'll always be a segment of the population who will game it for their own personal gain, eventually to the detriment of others. But then, how do you enforce the system without becoming too authoritarian? At what point does peace become oppressive? Is the fight for freedom more valuable than the freedom itself? Disclaimer: it's past midnight am I'm slightly drunk. Does existence even make sense? Don't answer that, I need to go to bed.
  6. Binky The Rabbit

    Games you like that others don't

    How about old games that you like, but reckon younger generations wouldn't? Two of my all-time favourite games - Timesplitters 2 and GTA III would probably be considered too restrictive and basic compared to juggernauts like GTA Online and Fortnight. But back in the day they were considered part of the gold standard of PS2 games, and I'll forever defend them with my Dualshock 2. Also Vice City and Timesplitters Future Perfect.
  7. Binky The Rabbit

    Political Compass

    Whoa, this thread is still going? Points to the OP These days I've realised that I'm not fully comfortable with having any -isms attached to my views. To re-post a rant I sent to a friend last month: It's this attitude I see from some people online that being left-wing or advocating Socialism makes you naive and that you don't know understand how the world or economics works. I mean I'm only left-wing because my outlook on life fits the Socialist narrative. I'm vaguely aware of how the world works, but I want to CHANGE how it works so humanity, as a whole, is smarter and able to look past their own selfish needs and not destroy the environment and other people's live for short-term gain. Does that make me naive, or just convinced that humanity can do better than what it currently is?
  8. Binky The Rabbit

    Rate the Last Movie you saw.

    Holiday, by Isabella Eklof. I got to the end of that movie feeling like I'd been beaten up - for about an hour or more afterwards I had no feelings of joy or happiness in any part of my being. I would rather watch Schindler's List 1000 times than this movie again. At least in SL, there is a degree of hope, redemption, an eventual faith in the good of humanity. There is *none* in this film, just bleak, awful violence and misogyny. But, it was brilliantly constructed and just about achieves what it was meant to do. 8/10 Recommendation: only watch if you hate positive feelings,
  9. Binky The Rabbit

    I think I may be a vocal clone of Ross...

    There's a similarity I feel, but it's more with the pitching of the voice, than the actual accent. I could do a similar thing with my weird Anglo-Scot hybrid mess.
  10. Binky The Rabbit


    *Battle Royale in the Biased Against list* Thank you Ross. The explosive popularity of Fortnite makes me feel concerned that it will define the common perception of videogames. The stress I get from the state of the videogame world is how superficially bloated and routine the big releases have become. I mean, I don't really play new games - I upgraded to a PS3 at the beginning of this year - but I look at AAA title trailers and images and they all look homogenised and habit-reinforcing. That's not to say it was never like that before, but it feels especially nauseating considering the amount of money spent both by publishers and audiences, and which feels significantly misspent. And you make a good point about the sheer scale of great games out there. There is more than you'll be able to play in your lifetime, so it's a stroke of luck if a small studio makes a breakthrough game and gets noticed. It's exactly the same with the music industry. I'd love to hit it big with my bands, but there's so much music already out there, and people doing the exact same thing as me, that even the smallest amount of attention has to be savored and promoted. I'll definitely have a gander at this list.
  11. Binky The Rabbit

    Q & A Thread

    Enough to bring me back here, but for how long? Who knows. How much have I missed??
  12. Binky The Rabbit


    April Fool or not, even if there isn't another episode for a year (or ever), that was class.
  13. Binky The Rabbit

    World's Strangest Song Titles

    Beat me to it!
  14. Binky The Rabbit

    General Chat

  15. Binky The Rabbit


    How can you possibly provide fast and efficient technical support service when the systems you use run achingly slow and sometimes lock you out? Britain's telecommunication infrastructure is ass.

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