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  1. This forum (like most other spaces on the internet) is infested with anti-White, far-left, Marxist scum (who ALWAYS manage to become mods/admins) My post about YouTube being a commie platform (that banned 25,000 conservative channels like, 14 days ago) got removed, because some ANTIFA terrorist attacked me under that post, defending the censorship ... and forum mod took his side (of course). Ross, you're one of the most talented videographers / narrators I know. Why do you let a bunch of democrat SCUM run your forum? These are the same VERMIN who are desecrating the statues of our ancestors and asking for civil war. (A civil war which we are happy to give them). Anyways I'm outta here, Fuck every last democrats, their children and their pets. Fuck their black-supremacist guard-dogs too. You're not Americans. You're not even human fucking beings. You are sub-human filth. A piece of SHIT from Nazi's ass is worth more to me than the lives and dreams of ALL OF YOU
  2. I spent about 30 minutes playing this. After a very boring tutorial which doesn't teach you anything (unless this is the first time you've played a game in your life, or used a computer), you get placed in a single player environment. A few minutes later, you travel to a city where you can meet other players .... or at least that's what I think, since I never got a single reply to any of my messages ... so I began wondering if the "other players" were really AI. Regardless. The graphics are kiddy and too colourful for my taste. Auto-attack is a huge turn off for anyone who has played ProjectZomboid / Diablo3 type games before. The animations are very limited ... your character only looks right or left, when you move up or down, the character won't "turn" (it's strictly 2D so to speak). The game lost me quickly so that's all I have to share
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