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  1. Binky The Rabbit

    Q & A Thread

    Enough to bring me back here, but for how long? Who knows. How much have I missed??
  2. Binky The Rabbit

    Political Compass

    Similar to the Personality type thread, I think it'd be handy to have one for the Political Compass. As far as my searching shows, it's been brought up before briefly, but not as a standalone thread (if I'm wrong, feel free to moderate this as necessary) http://www.politicalcompass.org/ Considering recent posts made on the forum, I think it'd be handy for people to know what each other's general stances are, so as to reduce the chance for harsh standoffs. Please only have polite discussion here. Politics is a very important and personal issue (for me anyway), but I accept that not everyone shares my views, and their views are the opposite of mine. However, I won't call you out on it, because I have as much chance of changing your stance as you have of mine. Accursed Farms is a place of discussion, not fighting. So, here's my result. It's interesting to compare your result with well-known names: https://www.politicalcompass.org/analysis2
  3. Binky The Rabbit


    April Fool or not, even if there isn't another episode for a year (or ever), that was class.
  4. Binky The Rabbit

    World's Strangest Song Titles

    Beat me to it!
  5. Binky The Rabbit

    General Chat

  6. Binky The Rabbit


    How can you possibly provide fast and efficient technical support service when the systems you use run achingly slow and sometimes lock you out? Britain's telecommunication infrastructure is ass.
  7. Binky The Rabbit

    Share your (physical) pain and misery!

    Played one of these at new year. Hands are still sore.
  8. Binky The Rabbit

    General Chat

    Happy New Year all. What better way to start 2017 off than with a cold. And a house party full of coke-snorting radgies playing hardcore EDM. My housemate said it'd only be a small gathering. This wasn't meant to be a party house either.
  9. Binky The Rabbit

    Last Game You Played

    The original Tomb Raider. The original Playstation controller is adorably small and light.
  10. Binky The Rabbit

    The Obituaries Thread

    Richard Adams, creator of Watership Down, also died today. George Michael a couple of days ago too. It's been quite a year.
  11. Binky The Rabbit

    Things you got recently

    A nice red sweater. I feel like Harry Potter when Mrs Weasley knitted him one.
  12. Binky The Rabbit

    What are you eating/drinking?

    Morador Malbec. Not the classiest wine as it's for Sainsbury's, but it's a decent enough Red.
  13. Binky The Rabbit

    General Chat

    Alreet lads? Just thought I'd pop by and give an update with me life to those who are interested: Working full-time, moving between houses, picking up a girlfriend, and having a hectic time with the band (guitarist leaving during festival season, and training up a new one) has all left me with no real time to stay up to date with both the forum and Accursed Farms in general. But I'm on the second of three days off where I don't have anything to do (me lass is in Germany for the holidays). Hope everyone's well Not sure how active I'll be on here moving forward, but I'll do what I can. I'm getting holidays booked over the next few months to do music and games, so I'll put some time aside for the forum (and my AF spin-off). In the meantime, stay cool, feel beautiful, and have a picture from my most recent gig.
  14. Binky The Rabbit

    A Mind mini-series: not worth it?

    When Ross released the 60.5 Episode of Freeman's Mind - where he teleports into the countryside - I got the idea for making a FM spin-off in which Freeman teleports to another game (which also builds on the concept of Freeman-Across-The-Universe). I have a game in mind, I've done a couple of playthroughs and have most of the script written. HOWEVER, it's on a games console (not released on PC), and hence all I can do is record the audio-video, and make dubs as well as the main voiceover. I would not be able to do things such as disabling the HUD. I've got the technical side figured out for recording (I know what equipment I need to buy, but open to advice), but I'm concerned that the presence of the HUD would wreck the immersion and put people off. Add to that the obvious need for a substitute Ross voice, and I'm wondering - is it worth the money, time and effort?
  15. Binky The Rabbit

    Word Association

  16. Binky The Rabbit

    Word Association

  17. Binky The Rabbit

    What would you do if...

    Most likely keep it as a nature reserve. I'd want as little human presence as possible. Possibly invest in a small encampment to help with conservation, but that's still a bit risky. Maybe build a hidden cannon that would deploy if any unauthorised people got within a certain proximity, but that involves messing with the bedrock. Perhaps an off-shore outpost to monitor the state of island, and keep an eye on anyone approaching the island. ...if you had access to a hot air balloon?
  18. Binky The Rabbit

    Learn Something New

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nkem-Nkum_language "Isibiri is an Ekoid language of Nigeria. There are two somewhat distinct dialects, Nkem and Nkum." Aside from references and links, that's all Wikipedia has to say on it. That's quite the stub.
  19. Binky The Rabbit


    A bug in which the catapults have a range of only 1 unit. Also clipping errors with the walls.
  20. Binky The Rabbit

    Things you got recently

    A new laptop battery. Also Weetaflakes. I guess Weetabix's answer to Special K. Not bad for £1.
  21. Binky The Rabbit

    Random thread

    Parace'amol? Ah ye jo'in'??
  22. Binky The Rabbit

    That game you hate that everyone else loves.

    Oh Rikku. I remember Official PlayStation 2 Magazine getting a massive boner over FFX-2 when it was first announced. "Final Fantasy gets its sex on!" was what they put on the cover. It was essentially a lads mag, considering their coverage of WWE games for one example. Talking of my adolescent past... OT: WoW, because my one-time best friend got so sucked into it that when we'd once meet at his and do things together, turned into me sitting next to him, watching him play WoW. And nothing else, for hours on end (7 solid hours once). Does that make WoW a bad game itself? Well no, not really. But fuck if I'll ever play it.
  23. Binky The Rabbit

    What are you listening to?

    Steven finally uploaded the video! A64J8mo8oZE
  24. Binky The Rabbit

    What are you listening to?

    Coming Home - The Pineapple Thief
  25. Binky The Rabbit

    Last Game You Played

    Finished Broforce with my mate. Lavvv eet.

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