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  1. brave dave's big fat freight hop was one of the greatest things i've ever seen
  2. the program itself is broken (for me, at least - have to use sharex to upload to puush) and making new accounts is disabled but anyone who had a puush account can still upload to it. i wasn't aware that it had a security breach though, worrisome
  3. https://puu.sh/HXEKW/3b509496ca.mp4
  4. https://soundcloud.com/june-blaze/revenge-of-the-nerds-part-ii
  5. i'm waiting for a conclusion to the amazing halo video series, part 2 ended on such a cliffhanger
  6. a bit of self-promotion but also due to recent interest i'm bringing this thread back. kind of nuts to believe it started before ME3 was even released. if anyone's interested in wild, completely baseless speculation about the next mass effect i'd like to see some thoughts on what it might be/what gameplay systems it may include and change
  7. have been playing mass effect: legendary edition. it's a fun time, but i'd recommend waiting for a sale, especially if you already own the original games. or, if through some stroke of luck the updated versions are released separately at some point, grab ME1 specifically
  8. admiral bop's post is cringeworthy but that image is revolting if people want a particular question answered, they can upvote it to get to the top of the list for ross to see. that's the main reason he has those threads on reddit you should buy a stress ball
  9. i'm not a fan of discord so if you happen to see this message and are still part of this group can you say if they're still working on ZMR or if development has pretty much died? more importantly, does anyone host gamesessions on specific days/nights or something?
  10. i was honestly thinking that there'd just be an elevator or something modded in that could fit the boat to circumvent the dam jump but we got an entire new area instead lmao i have to ask to ross: given that freeman's mind is mostly just a chore to you, do the modded aspects of half-life 2 bring more enjoyment/excitement to working on a specific part in the game?
  11. i realize i'm years late for this but just in case no one ever mentioned it, here's detective alex murphy talking about a "movie from the 80s" with one of his coworkers. he's in the third floor of detroit PD
  12. ross is gonna go through oompa loompa helpers like he'd go through cookies if this keeps up
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