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  1. summer update is pretty minor, though at least most of the hats in the new crate aren't lame yeah i've been playing again for around a month and at least in NA bots are largely not a problem any more. the bigger issue at this point imo are human cheaters. people are very reluctant to kick anyone with items even when they're pretty blatantly cheating. i've heard bots are a bigger issue in EU servers, although the few times the system has thrown me into them i didn't see any
  2. that bit about cutscene death reminded me of this welcome to the bridge.mp4
  3. ross twitter beef with survarium wasn't what i expected to see today
  4. ultra migraine: prequel to the amazing halo video
  5. i think you're being a little premature here in thinking that he's completely written the gravity gun out of the series, otherwise i don't see why effort was put into modding how it functions. ross mentioned in a video chat that he'll see how the gravity gun plays out since its been modded.
  6. i liked this episode! withdrawal being alleviated aside, it was an enjoyable episode - i particularly liked the jokes about the saw thrower, eddy and how freeman tried to punt the zombies with the gravity gun, got confused when that didn't work and then later assumed its battery died. i also like how freeman's tone has shifted to be less ultra freaked out, even if he had justifiable reasons for it in episodes prior
  7. it's a bit of a pain to play through in both games, but it looks pretty nice in clear sky. it's hard to fully enjoy shadow of chernobyl's red forest when you're trying to avoid getting sniped by SVD-toting monolith stalkers, along with the visual effect from the brain scorcher. still though, cool area
  8. lab x-18 from stalker: shadow of chernobyl is high up there for me
  9. caught me off guard, well done
  10. I had a hard time finding these, so either they're rare files or I'm just stupid. Because Ross has mentioned that he liked version 1.0 of Fortress Forever, I started looking for them some time last year. All I could manage back then was finding an old torrent file by using the wayback machine to get to a dead page. A few months ago I decided to search again and I can't even remember where I found them, but I got what I believe are the server files for both Windows and Linux. I tried looking them up again, but can't find them online any more. For that reason more than anything else at this point, I'm putting them here. I doubt we'll be having a fan playsession any time soon and I'm not sure we'd play this version of Fortress Forever anyways, so if you decide to try and figure these out, just know you're probably doing it for the fun of it more than anything else. Linux: https://mega.nz/file/741i0BJJ#cRXa_SP24Naaq0Zo16tvP20YWF-3jflUE_wGshHa5wY Windows: https://mega.nz/file/e9V1USgK#vd52Wczd7FbMgznBxAKGB1kA8Ek5b3ASbZg_60Dc8AE
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