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  1. Any of you catch the Rocket Labs Return to Sender event? Gnome Chompski made it into space but for real this time.
  2. Looks like I slept through the playsession, woops. Hope everyone who made it had fun at least.
  3. I'm primarily interested in these playsessions because they can breathe life into otherwise low population games/expose me to games I wouldn't have tried otherwise. I really enjoyed the Fortress Forever playsessions because prior to the Accursed Farms servers, the most populated stuff I saw were PUGs, which I don't care about at all. I'd love to play some more low pop games (specifically older Source mods that don't see many -if any at all - players like Eternal Silence or Dystopia) that I couldn't otherwise during these. Obviously Ross himself plays a part in this because he's our cult leader, but for me it's the reasons above moreso than anything else.
  4. I had constant crashes until I turned DX11 off. You could maybe try that. Also, @Ross Scott- I made a thread in the miscellaneous section but seeing as this thread exists now I'm just going to copy/paste the relevant text from there to here. I've been playing Secret World Legends in preparation for the playsession. I read that the game uses "dimensions", essentially instances so that no place gets overcrowded and lagged to death with an abundance of players. Supposedly you can "meet up", but I have no idea how this process works. I'm going to assume this game has a guild/clan system. If that's the case, we should probably set up an Accursed Farms group to help anyone who's going to try to get in on the action have an easier time with it.
  5. I really like the new Hitman games but they're completely bogged down by the server crap. Playing offline is pretty much not worth it if you want to use any unlocks at all from what I've heard. AFAIK, Ghost Mode is you and another player in the same map (but your own game - if P1 kills someone, that person is not killed for P2, but both players can see each other as ghosts) and you race to assassinate a target without being detected. I don't know any further mechanics or quirks of the mode, just that. It sounds like it could be cool, but not my thing. I generally prefer a more co-op focus when it comes to stealth games. Splinter Cell 3 handled it perfectly imo. Hitman's Sniper Mode reminded me that there's a mode in Sniper Elite where one player takes the role of (surprise) Sniper and another is an on-the-ground stealth guy. I'd like to see Hitman try to do something like this if, if not just dropping two agents into one map with the normal freedom of the game available to both players.
  6. It could, but the Steam Controller has a learning curve to it and you have to stick with it. You also have to spend plenty of time configuring the controls for how you want them. Even though I think the Steam Controller and its remapping software is awesome, it'd probably be too much time to invest for Ross. It should be noted that the SC would definitely work for having analog movement on the stick (or left pad if that's how you prefer) and mouse look mapped to the right pad. I feel like Gyro might also help with recoil simulation. Although IIRC Ross is using a Steam emulator (?) to play an older version of Half-Life 2, and depending on what that means there may be no software for the Steam Controller's configuration stuff at all in what he's using. Also the Steam Controller sadly got discontinued by Valve, so the only choice Ross would have to get one is buying a used one or something.
  7. It does. It can be a good idea to carry a few bottles with you in STALKER, though you should always have anti-rad meds with you since they pretty much eliminate most/if not all rads and you get hammered when you chug bottles and that's obviously not very helpful when you're in a firefight or trying to carry out a mutant hunt lol
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