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  1. You're a fucking COMMUNIST! You're WORSE than the alt-right. A bajillion times worse. Your ideology has killed more people than anything the alt-right has ever done. You have no moral arguments whatsoEVER to judge my beliefs and label everything you don't like as "whyete supremacist" Fuck You. How DARE you call me an alt-right white supremacist you kunt! I'm done with your regressive ideology. You are the losers in history, and you always will be. You can rot in the fires of hell (where you most definitely are going) for all I care you fucking pinko commie.
  2. Oh there's a perfectly good reason: :^)(Dude's name is "Dick Masterson". He has his own podcast. It's pretty funny) Also you're dead wrong on everything, because there's a massive social stigma against men by the mainstream left. Feminism is a losing argument for leftists, why do you think over 50% of American women voted republican, and why less than 7% of UK residents are feminists, and even less over here in AUS? Yeah you clearly haven't lived my life, nor are very observant of what the DNC and radical feminists have been doing to men since 2008. Also fuck equality: the kind of equality the mainsteam left and feminists want is not real equality; it's equity and supremacy, to be both the controller and simultaneously the oppressed. It's Gender Communism. It's wanting to destroy the social boundaries and differences between men and women, when they are inherently different and biologically separate, and we have more proof than ever before in the modern day to prove this so. And when reality doesn't conform, you make shit up like the bullshit "gender paygap" to reinforce their fake worldview. Feminism is a losing issue for the left and for you. "It's over Username, I have the high ground."
  3. Hurr duurrr nazis nazis alt right nazis. Everything I don't like is Alt-Right Nazis (which is ironic as national socialism has been proven to be left wing time and time again) I'm done with this mate, there's too much regressive leftism in this. Not even going to waste the energy debating how stupid those responses are. And the fact that you're calling me alt-right just shows how fucking stupid you two are. Might as well call this topic "Regressive Leftism Politics Thread". I don't even know why I'm debating American politics anyway, I'm Australian.
  4. dafuq? What does conservative christians have to do with anything? Also way to judge what I know, despite knowing jack shit about me and what I have experiences with the bloody PMRC smearing metal music and videogames. They lost the argument on that, just like the mainsteam left and alt-left are losing the argument on restricting rights and freedoms in the name of progressivism, collectivism, and diversity. Also you appear to not understand what Christianity is about at all, because we aren't supposed to be kind to everyone, we "treat unto others, that which you want done unto you", meaning that you bring down censorship and violence onto me, I'll do the same for you, and eye for an eye. To hell with kindness, abortion is murder. Roe Vs Wade was an illegal court ruling. The government shouldn't be telling what anyone can or can not do with their body, and the reason that you leftists will never get the legal abortion law you have wanted, is because you already broke the law for it. Actually not true. Why don't you talk to them instead of making general statements about groups you haven't talked to. I've talked to Mens Rights Activists, and most of them are broken hurt souls who have had their lives destroyed by family courts, divorces, and evil women taking advantage of them, that continues to happen but leftists always like to pretend that it doesn't. Ah, more post-modernist bullshit that are neither meaningless nor "constructs" you left-wing leaning parasite. Slight of hand, because the US government does have race and sex profiling in the census. And no one cares if you're a virgin because cultural marxism has erroded pop culture to promote sexual intercourse at younger ages and to view restraint and virginity as bad and the sign of a loser. Here let me leave some videos: Neither do you. Because it certainly isn't about women's rights, they have them in the west already.
  5. I found this episode funny, because it sort of correlated with this other video I watched on this: Have pretty much the same opinion on this game as that video. It articulates it better than I ever could.
  6. 4/5 Channeling some Iron Maiden, and a pretty great melody as well nbWZyckRepY
  7. Ask Superwog How do I pump a milf with big tits?
  8. The whole world is a blue sphere of death, and we are terrible people. non nobis ____ non nobis, sed ____, et ___ da glorium
  9. Crack really asses cake klans BLACK
  10. Rainbow all the way baby Glue or Tape?
  11. Zambies Thief The Dark Project
  12. and ALL THAT Turkey IS GAAAAYY, we Are NUMBER one, can BREAK the Mauler
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