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  1. Bravetriforcer

    The Accursed Farms "Best Game of 2012" Awards

    Black Mesa, because for the following other options. Call of Duty: Black Ops II - Lol no Mass Effect 3 - It had more problems than the ending. The Walking Dead - Never played Far Cry 3 - Never played Borderlands 2 - All the story improvements made the stagnation of the actual gameplay more apparent. Planetside 2 - Piece of poop that everyone seems to think does something worth talking about. X-Com: Enemy Unknown - 8/10 I banged it but Black Mesa was just a different level. Journey - Never played it but I hear it's all deep and shit so I guess it's cool. Guild Wars 2 - MMORPG + Me = Yeah no.
  2. Bravetriforcer

    Games you got recently

  3. Bravetriforcer

    My Little Pony:FiM

    >Introduce villain. >Establish he is made of shadow. >Have him lie to someone who doesn't deserve to be lied to so that it hurts them in the long run to establish that trait. Boom.
  4. Bravetriforcer

    Black Mesa Source

    It's Half Life and this is a Half Life-ish forum. If the plot is not engraved in to your mind, then that is your own fault.
  5. Bravetriforcer

    Black Mesa Source

    None of us are reading that.
  6. Bravetriforcer

    Black Mesa Source

    http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=94128543&searchtext= I'm guessing they cut the minimum requirement of votes in half today. It was at 49% this morning.
  7. Bravetriforcer

    Games you got recently

  8. Bravetriforcer

    Planetary Annihilation

    I saw someone relinquished their $15 pledge prize. Dropped on that shit. I highly doubt it'll get to $1,800,000. Definitely $1,500,000, but unless their Paypal has about $250,000 kicking around, I doubt Galactic War will happen.
  9. Bravetriforcer


    Unless they're playing the original Tribes, I don't see how a mediocre FPS that you get for free but have to perform insane grinds in to unlock shit (Unless you pay the "Gold" that will always leave just a little bit leftover that is unspendable) which tries to cover up all its flaws with GOTTAGOFAST is that much better.
  10. Bravetriforcer

    Black Mesa Source

    You just need the free SDK, bro. But I'll take it anyway.
  11. Bravetriforcer

    Should Ross have been slower?

    Half Life has the shitty/illogical level design that makes the series so amusing in the first place. If level design made more sense, like it likely will in BM, then all the series would have to stand on is purely Gordon's incessant ramblings.
  12. Bravetriforcer

    Black Mesa Source

  13. Bravetriforcer

    Planetary Annihilation

    Donated $10, and it's on the border of being funded.
  14. Bravetriforcer

    Bring Demon Souls/Dark souls to PC

    This is exactly what I am afraid of. It is already going this way on PC and if we support half-assness as big as this, the future is going to be grim. Well considering the conditions that got the game to PC, I'd say by this half ass and mod the issues away if you can. If the next one continues the halfassedness, then don't buy it because there's no point to uphold. We asked for Dark Souls to come to PC, we got it, and conditions made it a meh port. If the next game decides to be PC from the start and still is sub-par on features, then we can just write it off without second thoughts. If From Software picks up their game next time, we win. If From Software does not, then we show them that we only accepted Dark Souls because of its situation, not its genuine quality as a PC port. Just because they think we're ok with half-assedness no matter what doesn't mean we actually are.
  15. Bravetriforcer

    Planetary Annihilation

    Super MNC in a nutshell: The devs mean well and want the game to be the best it can be, but they're a 13-15 man team trying to churn out AAA quality. They're succeeding in that regard. People ignore this and write Super MNC off as a pay-2-win TF2 clone. Edit: Trying to choose between buying Wrack, tipping a streamer I like or donating to this or some combination.

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