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  1. HGARR

    Change one word in the sentence!

    and john green Turkey was Zelda, let's Are dancing saber, can pleasure Darth Plums
  2. HGARR

    Games You've Finished Recently

    Legend of Spyro: the Eternal Night
  3. HGARR

    Word Association

  4. HGARR

    Word Association

  5. HGARR

    Am I weird for...

    thats pretty weird! am I weird for really liking the taste of anchovy?
  6. HGARR

    Fill the blanks

    make a sandwich for me, Amadeus. Don’t do, Don’t do, Don’t do ___. Don’t pull ____, Don’t tease the ____. Don’t pick your _____, Don’t be ___ at ____. Who do they think I am? Some kind of ____?
  7. HGARR

    Fill the blanks

    My daughter for TF2 hats! The prospect of ____ can initially appear a bit ____.However,the actual experience is rarely _____ as it at first seems.The dissertation provides ____ with the opportunity to conduct an in-depth study of a ____.
  8. HGARR

    Fill the blanks

    There's a eyeball in my coffee! Cut my ___ into Pieces, This is my ___ Suffocation! No ___ Dont give a fuck if I cut my ___
  9. HGARR

    Games you got recently

    Supreme Commander Painkiller Medal of honour: Pacific Assault: Director's Edition Rome: Total War Gold Edition
  10. HGARR

    Fill the blanks

    FUCK YOU, Tim-Tim! Oh, it is on. You want to eat Garlic? I'll give you something to eat. You think I work at Mars, giving you free food all day? You're gonna have to pay for this meal. Come on up... I won't Cry... come on up... Shit. Yeah! Call me Later, bitch! The _____ Rap You may think I'm ___ You may think I'm ___ You may think I'm ___ You may think I'm ___ But hang on to your ___ and listen right here I'm gonna tell you something that will burn your ___ Hip. Hop. A hip hop ___ I'm giving you all The Michael Rosen ___
  11. Abandonia, dosgames archive and the iso zone are also websites that Ross seems to use frequently. Below is a full list of abandonware links for game dungeon games (that had a link provided)
  12. HGARR

    Fill the blanks

    "Wait a minute. Krabappel’s teacher is named ‘Krabappel’? Oh, I’ve been calling her ‘Crandall.’ Why didn’t Buzzfeed tell me? Ohhh, I’ve been making an lemonade out of limes!" I am the globglo____: the Schwabblewobblewibblewabblewobble_____! I'm full of Schwibbly-Wibbly____. I am the Yeast of ___ and ___!
  13. Ross normally puts download links to abandonware games in the description of his videos. "My abandonware.com" as far as I know is the biggest and most well known of the abandonware websites, and seems to be safe from viruses.
  14. HGARR

    Rate the Last Movie you saw.

    Ok, I'll admit that I made that post late at night, so some things I said may have seemed a bit odd. Despite the large list of problems I had with the film, It was still very good! I think I should have stressed that more in my post. I don't want to turn this into a neverending argument like the general American politics thread, so lets just agree to disagree. What did you think of the Incredibles 2?
  15. HGARR

    Rate the Last Movie you saw.

    The Incredibles 2 Gets about a 7/10 While this was overall an enjoyable movie, it was very disappointing. And why the FUCK did it take 13 years to come out?

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