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  1. Update: I have been getting regular skype visitations with my daughter.
  2. Empire earth, Neverwinter nights (the original), Some of the old "valu-soft" or jewel games that were always a discount at walmart.
  3. Update: I asked if I could bring my therapist for support so I actually have a chance of making there. (not worded like that) They said no. Just an update, They have been sending me pictures regularly and I am hoping to see the baby in two weeks. They want me to terminate paternal rights but I can't do that. A judge will award visitations at some point.
  4. Her father told me the other day I can come visit her. Knowing my disability keeps me from doing that. I asked if my sister could visit and he said not without me. I feel like they are doing this to relieve some of their guilt so they can be like they offered. Ugh I never lied about my illness. I was upfront about it with my ex from very first contact.
  5. It has more to do with her parents I think. They are very strict LDS and when they found out that we were going to move in together they dropped the hammer and went nuts. She is younger, in her early 20s and it was all good til her parents were told. Ultra conservative LDS. They will not even let me have direct contact with my ex it all has to go through her father. Yes we are 100% sure it is mine. If it wasn't they would throw that in my face for sure. I understand the sentiment though. I did end up seeing some pictures and the little tyke looks just like me, has the same distinct nose shape. I have no doubts.
  6. I have some issues going on in my life that I would like to get out. First of all I have mental health issues. PTSD from a motorcycle accident, panic disorder and agoraphobia. I have such a hard time riding in vehicles I have serious panic attacks and stuff. I've been trying to get over it for 4 years now and there hasn't been much progress. I met a girl from tinder and we dated for almost a year until she found out she was pregnant by me and broke up two weeks later. There has been minimal contact since she ignores my calls etc. My baby girl was born on the 24th and I have not been able to see her or anything she moved over an hour a way and it just isn't possible. People tell me I don't want it bad enough and it just kills me because I do. She says I can visit anytime I want but won't bring the baby down. I have a lawyer and all that fun jazz. I literally just want to be a father to my kiddo. I am almost thirty and this will probably be my only child. I send her whatever bills she asks me to pay and I have through out her pregnancy. I constantly beat myself up for being too much of a weak person to just get over it and deal with the panic attacks. I have tried exposure therapy and it seems like it just makes it worse. There are a lot of things I wouldn't be able to do with my kiddo but I don't see the harm in her visiting once a month or whatever. I live with people that can drive and get out and I would not care if baby mama stayed while my daughter was here. I've never been mean, abusive or anything but kind considerate and understanding. My sister drives two hours every other weekend to drop her kids off at her ex husbands house, I have many friends that are doing the same with their exes. My lawyer says there is hope but it's eating me up. I have this beautiful baby girl and all I want is to put my finger in her little hand and make her laugh and love daddy. I know this is personal and deep. I just had to get it out somewhere.
  7. The title says it all. In a lot of the game dungeon videos Ross mentions that a game is abandonware etc. I would like to compile a list of the sites he uses or that others know of that are safe to download from.
  8. As far as games that used to work on an older OS that no longer work on windows 10 Neverwinter nights one and two and Empire Earth. I Love those two games with all my being and they are no longer playable for me on my windows ten machine. Would love to see a game dungeon on either of those too! Thanks for the Update Ross. I don't comment much but I always follow the vids and such. Look forward to your projects and get well soon. Not sure if they have it in Poland but Throat Coat tea is a life saver for anyone that makes their money with their voice.
  9. It's too bad to read that pt 3 will not be done. I need closure damn it. Hopefully after he gets his movie out in the next few years he will be able to make a few new eps here and there!
  10. I remember playing this at the age of around 10 or 12 forget how exactly it got on the computer, maybe my dad installed it or it came as a demo. I can't seem to get it to run on my computer but I imagine it is what inspired spore and other games. Anyone else remember this game, I will throw in a link I found. I remember not really having an understanding of what I was supposed to be doing as a kid so being able to replay this would be awesome. It seems pretty damn hard to find. http://www.old-games.com/download/5234/evolution-the-game-of-intelligent Thanks Jim
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