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  1. This is more of a poll thing than a thread and such.
  2. 14 i'll be 15 this February
  3. devilk870

    Joke Thread.

    You know, I was on this plane once. And I'm sittin' there and the captain comes on and he does his whole, "We'll be cruising at 35,000 feet," then he puts the mic down but he forgets to turn it off. Then he turns to the copilot and goes, "You know, all I could go for right now is a fuckin' blow job and a cup of coffee." So the stewardess fuckin' goes bombin' up from the back of the plane to tell him the mic's still on, and this guy behind me goes, "Hey hon, don't forget the coffee!" Reply If you know which movie this is from
  4. I really do not watch anime much anymore but Fullmetal Alchemist and Yugioh were the main shows I watched.
  5. Freddiew as my action guy, CorridorDigital as my VFX guys, Wheezy waiter as my vlogger, 5secondfilms as my daily video, Egoraptor as my favorite animator/voice talent, BlueXephos as a gaming channel, Jamesnintendonerd as a reviewer, Machinima (Mostly Ross's videos and others) FloboFilms as a editor/Montage guy. These influence me humor wise, Vfx wise, or just a goal to reach. I want to be funny as hell, be a great voice talent/Editor. And direct short films. Be a proficient machinima director, Review movies, and occasionally make some animations just for fun. Just a goal, and I am setting it.
  6. My name Originated from when I use to role play when I was younger. It was A star wars role playing thing And I was this awesome Jedi-Bounty hunter with two Lightsabers named devilk. I played with my brother and make up awesome scenarios. Sorry That was weird but I was 8 and was Obsessed with violence and making kick ass movie things(Sorry just had a flash back at how awesome it was). (Back to the name) It was the Use of Devil and I just added a "k" at the end the numbers mean nothing. And man I was a GEEK back then and Im 14
  7. Also A problem with CGI is the fact that it is taking over Practical effects. I hope CGI does not do that, Because it will Absolutely tedious to go to a action movie and not see A LEGIT explosion, or a LEGIT action scene, It would break my heart. I hope action movies will Be like XXX (Triple X) And try to use as much Practical effects as possible. Triple X is awesome By the way, If you enjoy Action movies this is a movie to see. The only Major CGI moment is when Vin diesel is snow boarding down a mountain while a avalanche (Which is as awesome as it sounds) was happening. That was the single most best CGI moment in the history of movies (In my opinion Of course ).
  8. Spending most of my time on internet has taught me something. There is so much to argue about. I mean My god there is, just about everything and anything has been adressed or argued about. So I want to talk about Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) in movies. Pros: CGI is great for filmakers to make things that either would be impossible, or to hard to create In real life. So for example, "Avatar" Would have not been as good if it was not for CGI. And if they didnt use CGI then you will see a bunch of Blue painted people hopping around tree to tree, which is possible, but you will NEVER be took'n seriously. CONS: Though CGI is good, there is such thing as to much, or unnecessary amount of it. Some directors take the easy way and do easy things like a Explosion and make it A CGI explosion which takes away the effect of realism. Sometimes they use it to make stunts or make things like a little alien in which you could do in real life. CGI is used for things like making 12 feet tall Aliens who live on a planet called pandora, or 100 foot robots fighting it out. So in short CGI is used to make impossible things become real, And should be nothing more. Summary- CGI Can be used for things that can be hard or impossible to do with puppets costumes, or Miniature Sets. So I will give exceptions for Independent films who are on a Ham Sand which budget. I enjoy CGI, but I also enjoy Costumes, Miniatures, and things that you could do in CGI but decide to do the hard way. And if you do the hardway then I salute you. So thanks for Reading this thing I call A topic and If you would REPLY AND SHARE YOUR OPINIONS AND STUFF. I WOULD LOVE TO READ THEM. ALL CAAPPPPPSSSSSSS!!!
  9. After not posting things for a while I decided to make this! So if you had the tools and the crew to make a machinima. What game would it be, what would it be about. --------My Machinima---------- (Ignore) For me I am going to make a machinima, and It is called stranded. Yes the title is bland and some what unoriginal but who gives two shits It will be based in halo reach. For reasons that halo reach is easy to work with and the fact my computer would implode if I tried to make a gmod machinima. So it is about two spartan trainers who.... well you know train spartans. So on a regular off day one of the trainers codenamed "Loner" (Thats the best I got sorry.) goes out and sees a covenant cruiser idleing in the distance. So the rest of the script is being written, and it is about battling Paranoia and the covenant in order to survive being stranded. It is in pre-production and will be done sometime this year. And I really hope it turns out good. Because god dammit I really need to step up my game on making machinimas. -------The end of my Machinima Nonsense---------- So go ahead and let your creativity spill out on this thread. Or just think of something. Also Even if the game is impossible to made into a machinima (Gears of Wars, ECT.) You can mod it to be compatible to do whatever you want. Anyways thanks for viewing this and SHARE YOUR MACHINIMA TO THE 3,000 KNOW MEMBERS AND COUNTLESS GUESTS. AND ALSO THE WOOOORRRRRLLLLLDDDD wide web.
  10. Music is probably the most popular thing EVER. It has influenced people to create there very own music and share it on the radio and mostly on the internet. There is a lot of genres, and at least one will fit taste of music. I used to be a metal head, but I opened up my ears to all genres and found a lot of great music. Rock- Coheed and cambria- The Lead singer is one of the most talented person I know (Besides Freddie mercury). He sings, Does Guitar, And writes comic books in which most of his songs are based on. Metal- KillSwitch Engage- The vocalist does not have a deep voice, and also can do screamo, which surprised the hell out of me. Punk- MSI- Is a techno/ Rock type band and is the nearest thing to punk I like. Christian Rock- Red- Though I hate christian rock, This song has a kick ass vocalist that I actually sounds Great. Classic Rock- Queen- Common, This band is one of my favorites and has great Dynamics to make it sad, dramatic and in the end and fast paced rock. Freddie Kicks ASS! Rap- Fort Minor- Though I do not LOVE rap this song is my favorite. Dubstep- Kraddy- There is not Alot of terrific dubstep songs but this is definitely the best I can think of. Country- No. Screamo/ Punk- Dance Gavin Dance- Best singer I know, He is terrific live. And great guitar riffs. Favorite Band of All time This band is neither any of the genres listed here. It is a mixture of genres, Metal and techno. LINKIN PARK- They made 4 albums (Not including Reanimation, And the live events) This band is a childhood band, I would just listen to them all day and do it again the next day. This band holds its own and shows talent most bands related couldnt even handle. Any ways, please reply and tell me your favorite band.
  11. Indeed I can feel your frustration and I understand that this is not BIG. But It really goes down as opinion as your favorite year of gaming. I Have Never liked 2008-2010 because the lack of great game's that I know and love. But I would like to hear yours it would give me insight for me. I also do not consider console releases on that year to be counted.
  12. Just spit balling here, what if reaches gravity is different from earths? But that begs the question how much pull would change the velocity and all that I will not go into detail due to the fact IDK. It has went a downhill in A WAY. The guns are really like you said nothing special and it seems that you are not putting any real strategy to the fighting in singleplayer. But for me my goal was to get all the achievements which added alot of challenge and frustration that the game lacked in the first place. My point is without achievements alot of games would be Bland, but with it makes the game some what harder and feels rewarding to go in a party and say you got ALL the achievements in a game. So halo reach relied on The achievements to much so they completely through out the challenge that the game was originaly was. Legendary was Nerfed but it possesed that I WANT TO PUNCH THIS GAME that I know to love.
  13. Im huge fan of john (Or DigitalPh33r) I watched the video a while back and I cant remember it now. Thanks for the advice I had a thought about making a serious Machinima on Halo reach, but it will take a little bit more time to do since most machinimas are comedy related (And easier to do). I have not alot of Body actors to go by, so I have to use two controllers and ackwardly do every move. Editing the video clips were not hard but the voice over was a challenge.
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