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  1. I hope you're right, but it feels like Ross's approach to HL2 is more about critiquing the world and the story instead of trying to interpret it in an entertaining way. Part of the charm of FM was that Gordon seemed to be enjoying himself, but that side of him is almost completely gone now. The Freeman who thought of a rocket launcher was the perfect gift for the was who has everything is gone now. Using the gravity gun would be far too much fun for the current version of Freeman, so I could understand why Ross would write it out.
  2. So Freeman thinks the Gravity Gun is out of power and is never going to use it again. Well, there's one more thing I was looking forward to in this series that Rose wrote out. I wouldn't be surprised if he modded the final level to just be a normal shooting one at this rate. Well, at least Freeman is making some jokes and only half of the lines are just Ross taking the piss out of the level design through Freeman instead of pretty much all of it like the last few episodes.
  3. Ross, the whole point behind The Purge movies is that the psycho killers aren't really even psychos, they're hired by the fascist regime that staged a coup before the series began to kill off the underclass to stem overpopulation. Hence the title.
  4. I just need to take a break from Ross's content, I think. Maybe the problem is with me not him.
  5. The format just does not work for this game. And Ross thinks he is "holding Half Life 2's feet to the fire" by making him oblivious to every character not mentioned in the original game, as if Freeman came into existence on the tram to Black Mesa, when all he is going is reminding the viewer that they aren't really seeing into Freeman's mind but watching a game playthrough. Everyone looking forward to Ravenholm is in for a rude awakening. Ross has decided to make the Gravity Gun unusable (I can only imagine how he plans on getting through the Citadel where Freeman has no other weapon) and half of the enjoyment we all remember from that level is the Gravity Gun. Ross seems to be more interested in criticizing Half Life 2 than making an entertaining story, so if he sticks to form he is just going to dismiss Father Grigori as a lunatic and spend 90% of the time screaming.
  6. I definitely hope I'm wrong. I hope Ross was just burned out by the canals and Freeman will actually do what he does best, thriving in chaos.
  7. If Ross hasn't lost interest, that's great. But the fact remains that Half Life 2 is an NPC heavy game and if Freeman's only reaction to them is screaming about how unrealistically they're behaving and constantly reminding the viewer by proxy that the NPC's can't really hear Freeman, it's going to become unwatchable. It doesn't matter if it's "in character" it is. Freeman's Mind isn't supposed to be an Oliver Stone movie, it's supposed to be comedy. As for Ravenholm, if Ross continues the way he is now, not only will he not have chemistry with Father Grigori, he's going to do little other than complain about how annoying he is or how he's not behaving like a human.
  8. I guess I'm going back on what I said earlier by continuing this, but it is not my belief that Ross should stop making them because I dislike them. I think Ross should stop making the series because he seems to dislike making it. On his streams, the most enthusiasm he can come up with for FM2 is that it's better than working a day job. If Ross really is still passionate about the project and a lack of care has nothing to do with the recent episodes, he should by all means keep trying to make them. But I highly doubt that to be the case.
  9. In any case, I've said my piece, and I don't feel like an endless debate. I hope Ross knows that the fans who really support him will comtinue to do so with or without FM2.
  10. I'm not bothered by disrespecting the story. In the original Freeman pointed out the level design, but now that is all he does, namely complain about the gamey aspects. In moderation, this is funny, but if it's all he does, it starts to break any sense of immersion that I'm really watching Gordon Freeman's perspective and not just a slightly exaggerated Ross doing a playthrough and constantly pointing out the plot holes. Even if you say "This is what the character would do", that doesn't make it entertaining to watch. He might as well just do a Half Life 2 Game Dungeon at this rate.
  11. Fans are not donating for FM2, I suspect. Ross started taking donations before FM2 even started, after the beg-a-thon. There was no expectation he would do Half Life 2. The fans who donate are primarily not here for Freeman's Mind 2 (including myself when I can donate) or else the fact that there has been so few days episodes would be reflected in his donations. I am familiar with his schedule and it seems to me like he is far more interested in making the Game Dungeon, even to the extent thar FM2 feels more like a Half Life 2 Game Dungeon where Ross picks the game apart rather than making Freeman an appointment with enjoyable character to experience the story with. Like I said before, it's like someone in a D&D game who constantly points out the gamey-ness of the experience and won't even make an attempt to meet things half way. As for the Movie, while I have honestly started to doubt whether that project will ever come to fruition over the many years since Ross announced it, I am fairly certain that if Ross didn't have FM2 out, he would be closer to finishing it.
  12. If Ross keeps his current tac of having all of Freeman's interactions be him yelling at them for not displaying what Ross considers realistic human behavior, we're going to have a bad time. Just contrast one of the early episodes where Freeman needs a door opened to this one. "I am Captain Gordon Freeman of the Intergalactic House of Pancakes ordering you to open!" "Open the door!...Open the fucking the door!" That pretty much sums up how flat Freeman's characterization is these days. And I think it's ultimately because Ross's heart just isn't in it anymore.
  13. I'm not trying to invoke something like the No True Scotsman fallacy, I'm telling Ross that the fans who are donating to him won't stop if he stops FM2. He was getting plenty of donations even before he restarted the series. If you think what Ross wants to do is irrelevant, I don't know what to say. If FM2 wasn't a drag on his productivity for projects he actually wanted to be, we would have more than 15 episodes over 4 years.
  14. I don't think Ross likes making the series anymore. But Ross also seems to feel indebted to his fans--probably because since he started taking donations his life has gotten a lot more financially stable--and keeps making it. I think he should understand that his real fans don't expect him to make videos he doesn't want to make.
  15. I hope it turns out funny. I've been waiting for it too. But if it's just Freeman's complaining about how unrealistic everything is, it won't be worth it. I mean in the original was in a way worse situation in Xen and it still felt like there were moments were he was having fun, like getting sick air in the low gravity chambers while fighting the last boss. Ross talked many times about the fact that this series has essentially killed any enjoyment he gets from Half Life and it is getting more and more obvious with the years. He doesn't want to make the series anymore, and he shouldn't drag it out just out of obligation.
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