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  1. Have you listened to these 20 soundtracks on the album? It is getting on my head, and probably one of the best soundtracks I've heard so far. All OSTs are played when playing as Foehn Revolt from Mental Omega (Red Alert 2 mod). Link for all Soundtracks from the album: or https://worldbeyond.bandcamp.com/album/mindshell You can buy the entire album for 10 USD.
  2. "Being Paranoid ever since makes you Crazy even Further."
  3. My title for this episode is: "Barrels O' Fun, ain't it?"
  4. Ross is currently using the original 2004 HL2 because he feels that it has better (darker) lighting (although I think he mentioned the 2004 one has some issues with the airboat sequence) I don't think he is using outdated Half-Life 2. There are particles present like blood and fire. Both these effects are from Episode 2. I'm pretty sure he is using Steampipe Half-Life 2.
  5. Hmmm.... ever since episode 1, why are the Vortigaunts using their 2004 model and not the 2007 model?
  6. So, I am back... for the sequel. Regarding the titles, I can accept the suggestions, but sorry. I'll go goofy with the titles.. Here's for Freeman's Mind 2: Episode 1: "I Wonder What am I Doing while I was Out? Am I in Hawaii?" Episode 2: "Trying to Remember Anyone from the Past is so Hard." Episode 3: "Police Brutality is so Common and Cruel in a Mussolini Fascist State." Episode 4: "Society is so Strange Today." Episode 5: TBA
  7. Freeman shoots and kills a Vortigaunt without even knowing they now allied with the humans. Now, I wonder what's next if he encounters another one.... Freeman, remember what you said in Episode 66.
  8. Drawing a bunch of characters (from Cartoons and Video Games ---- redesigned) and OCs (new ones I added) in anime form... not all since I already drew a Protoss in a serious way (how they really look like).....
  9. I just love this Opening so much...... it's in Japanese anyway, so grab a lyrics with full translation website for the song..... This is the full version: https://soundcloud.com/ai-kawaii-chan/gintama-2015-op-2-pride-revolution-chico-with-honeyworks I'll just do it in a link version because I can't find a good one in YouTube, and might ALWAYS get deleted by Copyrights . If there are any problems, message me, and I might change and/or edit this... Looks like I got another one: CA76UYx6vnM A vocal version of an OST from Serious Sam 3!!
  10. It's been a while guys.. I was busy because of my first days as a college student . I think I was not done here yet... only a few episodes are blank... I'll think of it soon...
  11. 0WAPAWZ2fMs The one in the text is 279 (not 297 --- typo )... BTW, someone managed to use an editor to remove the vocals to not get distracted by their voices, so you can listen briefly to this new OST.. Yeah, the editing is somewhat not that good, but hey got a brief OST (the full OST might be soon in the pack....) If there's something like a copyright happened here... I might change this post .
  12. Just watched Minions last Saturday, and most scenes made me laugh lol.. especially that Egypt scene. Pharaoh says something which ends with Anubis.... then.... one Minion said: "TARA TROPA!!!!!" Looks like they speak every language especially Filipino XD
  13. They can't read your thoughts BTG, you're just being paranoid.... *This never gets old XD*
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