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  1. Yuppie Psycho looks fucking amazing, I'm gonna get it sometime.
  2. If Freeman's Mind 3 does happen it'll 100% be with Project Borealis. Ross hates filming in the Source engine after all.
  3. oof we back boys at least, kinda sorta back
  4. Freeman assumes that the rocket in Episode 2 is one of many, and Kleiner is planning to nuke every last part of the world that isn't under his control.
  5. The puking part genuinely unsettled me. I can't say Freeman didn't entirely deserve that, but holy shit.
  6. Yeah, I'm pretty sure that's what he's referring to.
  7. RIP random guy's alien Vortigaunt slave Press F to pay respects
  8. Congratulations on the marriage!
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