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  1. Best Headset for professionals, but might be too expensive when purchased brand new: Look for aviation headsets for pilots.
  2. This building really need some basic renovation, outside fassade and and inside ventilation systems. Unfortunately there is no fast solution to the entire set of problems exept of finding a better place in Gdansk or surroundings. I hope your visa will come soon. If you move it maybe can redirected to your new place you hopefully will find. Anyway I would start searching a new appartement and stay outside in fresh air, as often as possible. This maybe can have a nice side effect: Ross' videos of Gdansk, polish supermarkets and DIY shops Just a weird idea.
  3. Some German Words for you: Überraschende Überforderung in Sachen abgeschalteter, elektronischer Großgruppenspiele. Hope there are enough Umlauts for you . It means: Surprisingly excessive demand in case of dead MMPOGs. Yes, I am a fool.
  4. Happy Birthday Ross! you really deserve a rest and a fast cure. Thank you for so much fun and professional entertainment!
  5. Hey that's a cool one, it was worth the waiting. Thank you so much! Happy Holidays Ross!
  6. This classic one scared me when in childhood Don't Look Now (1973)
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