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May updates

Hey people, I wanted to let you know progress is still underway on the next CP episode. It’s turning out well, but as usual, seemingly simple things are becoming much more complicated than they should be. I still haven’t run into any show-stopping bugs, there’s just a lot of little elements to take care of in this episode to make it feel more complete. I’d post screenshots or clips from it so far, but I really hate having things spoiled for me personally, so I try to do the same for the viewers.

The new website has been very close to launchable for a while now, but I want to have the look of some of the pages altered to be as easy as possible to navigate, plus the guy coding it has had a lot of behind the scenes revisions to make. Right now it’s sort of a race between us as to which will happen first, the new website launching, or the next CP episode being released.

I’ve been reviewing some of the subtitles submitted to me and while I appreciate the effort of people who have submitted, some of the timing or spelling/grammar has been so erratic that it almost creates more work to correct it than it does to create them from scratch. If you’re interested in contributing subtitles to Civil Protection or Freeman’s Mind, please contact me at [email protected]. Also this is just for English copies at the moment. While I plan to fully support subtitles in other languages, I want to get the English copies done first so translators have the best source material to work from. Be sure to contact me before making them, just so no one ends up duplicating the work.  

Also I’ve posted the answer before and I plan to have it be on the FAQ of the new website, but since I keep getting these questions over and over again, I’d like to make a post about this. Many people have asked will I continue Freeman’s Mind to completion, through Half-Life 2, and switch to the Black Mesa mod. The answer to all of these questions is maybe. If people decide they get tired of the format, I don’t want to promise I’ll continue something that no one wants, but for the time being I can’t see a reason to stop it. 


I think I now have enough offers to transcribe subtitles, thanks to everyone who’s shown interest.  I’ll make another post when I’m ready for subtitles in other languages.

It’s come to my attention that some of the downloadable copies of the Freeman’s Mind episodes are disappearing.  I’ve notified the host, so hopefully this will be resolved before too long.

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