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More help needed

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I’ve been flooded with promising offers in all categories since I made this post. I think if I get anymore I’ll just get overwhelmed and will have to send a bunch of rejection emails to new people. I still need to review all the emails and reply to everyone. Thanks to everyone who contacted me about this or was planning to.

The exception is that I’m still accepting help for the forum integration. While I have received a couple hopeful emails, more input / offers in this area won’t hurt, especially since the forum still isn’t up.

* * * EDIT * * *

I was hoping to avoid making this post, but I feel like production is getting stalled some again and I need more help to get things done. Help is needed in multiple areas and I would appreciate anyone who might be able to give me a hand. Unfortunately my managerial skills are still lacking, so choosing who to pick for working on different tasks may be a bit haphazard, but I’ll try and reply to everyone who contacts me. Any work that gets used will receive due credit. If you’ve contacted me once offering help with any of these areas already, feel free to contact me again. Here are the sections I currently need help with:


I’m going a little crazy about trying to finish “The Tunnel” and right now the biggest area that still needs work is sound editing and effects. Right now if all the sound effects were completed, I think the episode could be completely finished in 24-48 hours. I’d really like to get this done in the next week if possible. Otto Beumelberg has been doing a fantastic job on the scenes so far, but as this episode is the longest one to date, I think it may be a bit overwhelming for one person (myself included). Nowadays usually just the dialogue is recorded in-game for Civil Protection, with everything else being added in editing. You would need to have experience doing volume balancing, position mixing, and providing different sound effects as needed (it won’t be anything too exotic). Some reverb mixing may also be needed, but the levels for the remaining scenes are relatively light. I will ask to listen to some prior example of your work to get an idea of your skill level. While speedy work would be great, I’ll be more concerned with how the final result sounds.


I’m eager to launch the forums as soon as possible, but some of the people working on it have become busy and there’s still a big problem to solve before they do get launched. The basic problem is that I want to have news posts that are made in Wordpress to be duplicated as threads in the forum somehow. Ideally, they could be sorted into different cateories related on the topic. If you know of how to accomplish this, please let me know, I could use the help. I believe we’re going with phpBB for the forum, but I’ve heard BBpress can also be good. As long as you can achieve the functionality I’m after for the forum, I’m open-minded as to what software is used. Comment and user crossover information would be desireable, but not required.


Some of these won’t be required for a while, but I wanted to try and start auditioning people early in case it takes a while to find someone. These will probably all be one-time roles I’m afraid (for now), but they will get your name in the credits if they’re used. You don’t have to actually match these character descriptions (though it will help), just be capable of sounding like them. All roles are likely to require some degree of shouting. Having some means of voice chat is preferred, but not required. Here are the character descriptions:

1. Male, age anywhere from 30s to 60s. Sleazy sounding character, preferably with a stereotypical New Jersey accent. Should sound somewhat older, bossy, and aggressive. I’ll need this role sooner than the others.

2. Black male, age from later 20s to 40s. Just a typical black american accent. No stereotypes will be involved for this role, but the character model will be black, so the speaker should have a characteristic black voice. There are some inflection differences from you honkies.

3. Female, age 20s to 30s. Looking for a standard “Valley Girl” accent, not too young-sounding. Nothing too overdone, just having the obvious accent. Here’s a good example I found of it.

- - -

If you can help me in any of these areas, please send me an email to [email protected]. I haven’t forgotten about everyone else’s emails either, but emails related to video production take priority with me over more casual ones. If you emailed me a couple months ago, there’s still a good chance I’m going to reply to you, I’m still far behind on that.

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