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Ross's Game Dungeon: CarnEvil


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I’ve been awake for about 35 hours, and only had 5 hours sleep the night before that, so thinking of things to say is getting increasingly challenging. Enjoy the Halloween episode! I made it! This one was an experiment where instead of making it more review oriented, I decided to attempt a full playthrough of the game. It combines some of the style of Freeman’s Mind and RGD. It may have been a mistake, I’m not sure. It seemed to have more disadvantages compared to RGD or FM individually. It certainly took a long time to do. Anyway, this is quite an exciting game to cover regardless. I was definitely channeling some of FM when talking about Rickety Town.

Unless it becomes wildly popular, this will probably the last episode of RGD for a while. I’m pretty much just going to focus on Freeman’s Mind starting in November. I’m pretty sure I need to sleep first though.

If you’re scared of clowns you shouldn’t watch this episode at all.


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