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Ross looks at Halloween through The Black Mirror.

You can buy The Black Mirror here if you want:

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Happy Halloween! This ended up coming out way later than I wanted it to, but I feel like I actually had an excuse to be behind on things this month. I think this will be a potentially polarizing episode. If you're a fan of long Game Dungeon episodes, then you'll probably like this one a lot. I can say when making these episodes you really can get a feel of how much underlying quality a game has or not, and The Black Mirror is one where that still really shows up. Enjoy!



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...Wait a minute


This is the game I played before back as a child!

I once had a DVD with a collection of games (including Indiana Jones: The Emperor's Tomb, that isometric sailor game I want to find and some others that I don't remember), and this game was there, in a glorious bad Russian localization. I was unable to beat it because I was a dumb child back then. And now that I see this on Game Dungeon, I am happy ^^

Thank you for covering this game, Ross!

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Gordon reminds of an old-money guy that attended the same fencing club as I did. He didn't quite make the "Gothic-Armorial" financial clade, but he had the same classiness and mannerisms about him. And boy, did he ever get prissy when he lost to one of us peasants.


Anyway, idk what you meant by "potentially polarizing"; this was one of the best yet! Hunter S. Thompson though... too soon.

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Hi, Ross, thx for this episode. You made my day.

This game is one of my all time favorites.

It's actually originally a Czech game released in the Czech Republic under the name "Posel smrti" (which means "Messenger of death") by a Czech studio Unknown Identity. They made a game before that called "Posel bohů" - "Messenger of gods" (there's even an Easter egg - In the boiler room of the sanatorium there's a poster of this previous game, on which Samuel comments that it reminds him of something.)

(So yeah, if after the release of the new Black Mirror game you think you are swamped by search results only relating to this new game, you can always try googling "Posel smrti" and use a translator)


Anyway, for me the original Czech voice acting is like 60% of enjoyment. You would think that Slavic language in a very British environment would be very weird, but the developers got some of the best actors at the time to voice the characters and they made a hell of a job. Unfortunately the original Czech dubbing can obviously really be appreciated only by people who understand Czech language.


The sequels, which have been made by German studio Cranberry Productions, like you mentioned don't quite compare to the original on any level.


Keep up the good work, Ross!

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Just a heads up, folks:


I am a little over halfway done with the subtitles for the "Life is Strange" Game Dungeon. As the "Black Mirror" episode is even longer than that Game Dungeon, it could be a while before subtitles for Black Mirror are done. Sorry, but it's unavoidable.


(And to think, I originally intended to only subtitle Freeman's Mind and Civil Protection....)

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I think this was the best Halloween episode yet =)


Am I the only one who thought the backgrounds in this game were gorgeous? Maybe it's just nostalgia for textures of yore, or maybe developers and artists back then knew how to frame a shot, play with perspective, and make the most of what they had.


I tried looking up information about the remake, but didn't find much outside of the main website (Here).

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i've been meaning to post this for a while, but there is a way to force anti aliasing without the need of any software. the only problem is that it's all in the hardware, and you said how poland loves to make hardware expensive. there's an HDMI cable that forces good anti-aliasing that looks amazing on games that are lower resolution, which would theoretically be perfect for the black mirror. the glaring flaw is that it's $150




but before you dismiss this, i'm sure you have enough money to import this. I know you're still in the mindset of saving all your money, but you deserve to treat yourself at least a little bit with all the shit you've went through. treat yourself a little

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Just a quick announcement: The subtitles for this Game Dungeon will be ready by the weekend. Sorry for the long turnaround but long videos mean long turnarounds.


After this, I'll get to work on "Captain Zzap" but again, expect a long turnaround. Any Freeman's Mind episodes will take priority.

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So I decided to see if the Greek lettering at about 42:19 in the video actually meant something, but it's kinda off. Some of the letters are backwards, one of them seems to be an &. It's probably all random letters just used to fill space, but here's what I've gotten out of it so far: The top part is μϗωδοΦζδτη which google seems to think is "mosofftis", but the smaller text looks like ψχῶγου αεδπγ σιρ φῶμη ο, which google thinks is "of the United States of America". I dunno, I thought it was kind of amusing.

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What style of wallet is he using at 19:11? That thing looks pretty nice. I mean, of course it's hand made, but surely it conforms to a specific type.

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