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  1. Oh, it's been translated to English as well. Just found that out: https://en.wikisource.org/wiki/Polish_Copyright_Law
  2. Makes my blood boil. But anyway, I don't know if it'll help much, but the Polish (perhaps Magda can help you translate that) wikisource has the law in question for Poland. https://pl.wikisource.org/wiki/Prawo_autorskie there it stands: Rozdział 1: Przedmiot prawa autorskiego Art. 29. Wolno przytaczać w utworach stanowiących samoistną całość urywki rozpowszechnionych utworów rozpowszechnione utwory plastyczne, utwory fotograficzne lub drobne utwory w całości, w zakresie uzasadnionym celami cytatu, takimi jak wyjaśnianie, polemika, analiza krytyczna lub naukowa, nauczanie lub prawami gatunku twórczości. which basically says, if I'm not mistaken, that you're allowed to use parts of some works for reasons of explaining, discussing, analyzing, criticising or teaching.
  3. Hi, Ross, thx for this episode. You made my day. This game is one of my all time favorites. It's actually originally a Czech game released in the Czech Republic under the name "Posel smrti" (which means "Messenger of death") by a Czech studio Unknown Identity. They made a game before that called "Posel bohů" - "Messenger of gods" (there's even an Easter egg - In the boiler room of the sanatorium there's a poster of this previous game, on which Samuel comments that it reminds him of something.) (So yeah, if after the release of the new Black Mirror game you think you are swamped by search results only relating to this new game, you can always try googling "Posel smrti" and use a translator) Anyway, for me the original Czech voice acting is like 60% of enjoyment. You would think that Slavic language in a very British environment would be very weird, but the developers got some of the best actors at the time to voice the characters and they made a hell of a job. Unfortunately the original Czech dubbing can obviously really be appreciated only by people who understand Czech language. The sequels, which have been made by German studio Cranberry Productions, like you mentioned don't quite compare to the original on any level. Keep up the good work, Ross!
  4. It's more than what I usually make per half a year, roughly, and this is in this single month. And I am just here in CZ, next to Poland, couple hundred kilometers. Without any critics, I think Ross deserves it, but what the heck is he spending all them moneyz on? I mean, looking to history the donations never went under 1k per month. You can live with such money alone in Poland without any troubles and you do not have to even think about any 'tube dollars whatsoever. So unless he wants to save for a house with this, what's the problem? Can as well just give up all them 'tubes and keep it on this site alone. I have a recurring donation to Ross, I also live in CZ and I can live off about 800$ a month. BUT I live with a flatmate. Isn't rent in Gdańsk expensive or something? Anyways, It's his business, I don't actually want him to explain himself or anything. Expenditure might be personal for people.
  5. Not very nice of them indeed! I can certainly understand why you're upset, Ross. I wish you wouldn't have to deal with all this sh**. If you're down, just keep in mind that you bring joy to a lot of people
  6. Some Polish people might get fairly touchy about the thing, (perhaps I would too, I dont know) anyway ... Ross moved to Poland. Poland is not in east europe. Poland is in Central Europe. To partly answer your quesiton: I don't know about personal, but if you have weird questions, then here you go: For me and Ross, it's gonna be 22:00. Can't wait.
  7. All right, cheers for that! I added it to the list
  8. Sorry if there is a similar list in here somewhere already, but I havent found it so here goes I scoured each and every post on this website and I present to you a list of Ross's interviews and podcasts he has been a part of. Turns out there's quite a lot of them: 20.7. 2009 - Podcast 17 episode - http://www.podcast17.com/episodes/40/ 18.8. 2010 - Moonhawk Studios Presents interview - http://recordings.talkshoe.com/TC-45815/TS-349299.mp3 6.8. 2010 - PC Gamer interview - http://www.pcgamer.com/community-heroes-ross-scott-of-freemans-mind/ 17.2. 2011 - Storymode Interview - May '11 - interview with Caboos15 28.5. 2011 - Meeting of minds summer 2012 - Musings on the Mediums - http://www.hulkshare.com/mazzjammin22/ross-scott 24.8. 2013 - College Radio Interview - http://bwmtech.com/mtimans/82213.mp3 21.4. 2014 - The Mute Button - http://dinkztastudios.podomatic.com/entry/2014-04-18T08_52_43-07_00 24.6. 2014 - 8 Bit Life - http://cosmicradio.tv/8bitlife/ross-scotts-mind-w-ross-scott/ 24.10. 2014 - 8-bit life Halloween Podcast - http://cosmicradio.tv/8bitlife/halloween-spooktacular-ross-scott-mario-martinez/ THESE DONT WORK ANYMORE: 05/2013 - They Hunger running Sven Co-op playtrough 07/2013 - Lewis Schofield - geekedmind.com/2013/07/ross-scott-interview-and-source-sdk-2013-broke-my-install/ Im thinking about downloading all those that work, converting them to mp3 and sharing them here, so they are preserved and easily downloadable. Would anyone be interested? EDIT: added the interview AP_Pastor mentioned.
  9. AB-SO-LUTELY! http://youtu.be/EIrki8SUC_U?t=14s
  10. I forgot about that statistic. Yeah... It might turn out the same. And I understand, that both you and Ross are very busy. But still: If a meetup happens in Gdańsk: Yuhuu! If a meetup happens in Prague: Yuhuu as well! Also, I can show you around, I live there. I'm looking forward to any advancements on this.
  11. Hi, fellow Ross Scott fans! Is anyone of you from Europe and would you be interested in a European fans meetup? I proposed the thing in a different thread and I'm fairly baffled as to why nobody answered. I'm sure there must be dozens of European fans who would appreciate such an event. What do you think? Would you come?
  12. Hello everyone, today's lecture will be about doubt. ...Or perhaps something else, I haven't decided yet. -Qualmpeddler, Bill Bailey
  13. I went trough a (admitedly very old) thread, where people had written where they are from. I counted 32 people from the Americas, 29 from Europe and 8 from other continents. I know that that's just a few people who happended to fill this 3 years ago and it's not that representative sample, but even if only 25% of the fans were from Europe, I think there might still be a very nice turnup if a meeting in Gdańsk would happen.
  14. Hi, speaking for myself, I love the videos and the 1st April ones are some of the best, I think. I appreciate both the quality and the yonks of time Ross must have spent creating it. Thank you, Ross! Anyway, back to the topic. I would definitely go to a fans meetup in Europe as I'm sure many others would. If Prague is inconvenient, why not do it in Gdańsk? (at least I think that that's where Ross and Magda live) You know just let people buy you your beans (see fundraiser video) for one day. I personally would love for such a meeting to take place in the next few weeks as I'm going to Gdańsk, but perhaps it's worth doing a poll about, see how interested would other fans be ...
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