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  1. The plane is probably a Douglas DC-3, so yeah, 1930s.
  2. I've seen them. I even killed a few during my service in ATO As for your propaganda, you should try to at least somewhat change its format, way too obvious. Oh and hide the registration date Your boss will cut your payroll if he catches you slacking like this.
  3. Ross, regarding Eli Vance? the game does mention who he was in HL 1. Here he mentions dending you up for help(6:50): And the dialog does really happen
  4. Regarding the morse code, this is what it is literally decodes to: Now obviously at some point some spelling mistake were made, most likely during the pixel drawing. So semantically speaking, its But what the hell is isit or soneilty i do not know. Ross, maybe they mean something to you by game plot considered?
  5. Ross, you know WAY too much about cult management for it to be just pure interest
  6. About the Ukrainian campaing for the riot simulator. There is an rpg concept already out there
  7. Ross, Since you are in Poland anyway, I'm assuming you will go on vacation sooner or later, so why not make a meetup around these parts? I'm not sure how many fans you have around here, but speaking for me, I follow AcFa for about 5 years now, and aside from April 1st content(which is ridiculously lame) Not one video was below "good". Most are great. And that's not something you can say about most entertainment providers nowadays. Paid providers So my guess is that there will be a few people that will join a beer tour in Prague or something
  8. Thats the thing, there are very little places with sufficient backgound levels. The most we found was about 15 times over regular levels in Kiev. So 1 hour of exposure would equal to 15 hours of normal life. So it gets you only if you live there for years(there is a bunch homesteaders there that do). Now, the places where levels are really a big threat in a short time, are all close to the reactor itself, the machinery graveyard and in jupiter factory. And if people are smart enough to give the last two a wide breath, the first one is guarded such that any attempts to infiltrate can be desribed as nothing but remarkable stupidity So radiation is not the reason why you should avoid chernobyl
  9. Alright I found it. It's overall pretty depressing, but watch the chunk that I've linked here: I remembered it wrong however, it wasn't "looks on their faces" so much as what they were saying, but you still get the idea they were NOT ready for the amount of radiation they exposed themselves to. The moral to this story is don't go to Chernobyl, ever. That documnetary is half true, just like all the media there is. The scarier the stuff, the wider the audience. In reality, it's a lot better. Here is a vid from my last trip to chernobyl, see for yourself
  10. You had to go to politics, eh? I doub't that much of that is going to count towards good game reviews.
  11. Would be great if you cover the masterpieces that didn't get the fame they deserved, like Omikron the nomad soul, for example.
  12. Can't you people read? He said "not another series". Now which part of that is so hard to comprehend?
  13. It is, Alyx mentions this in episode 1 in the tunnel, storage room with a pistol.
  14. If you look at the poll, looks like there isn't much internet near South Carolina
  15. Well, I'm a physicists so let clear this up for you In fact, every particle, or group of particles abides to wave laws as well as classic particle ones. You behind that screen can be described as a shit load of moving particles, or what smartasses call a "probability wave". Nevertheless, Jack Noir pointed out the point pretty good
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