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  1. How have we gone this long without mention of Joe-Bob's Peculiar Escapade?
  2. Everything, and I mean fucking everything related to it seems to take a metric shitton of time to come out. We all know about HL3, but then there's Ross Scott's Machinimas, the GMod Idiot Box, a shitton of mind series, SFM videos, anything related to Half-Life takes so long to come out that it's not even funny. Why is this? Is the Half-Life trademark cursed with sloth?
  3. Ross needs to review one of the Serious Sam games or one of the Timesplitters games. These games are cult classics, but recently they've been fading into obscurity.
  4. Geist on the Nintendo Gamecube. It's a really obscure game about a mute guy named Raimi. Not Gordon Freeman mute, I mean actually mute, he uses sign language and everything. He's a scientist who also happens to know how to use a gun and is also part of a special forces unit. He goes on a mission to pull out his friend, who's working undercover at some terrorist organization I can't remember the name of. After he finds him, one of the people in Raimi's squad starts shooting his squadmates, and that includes you. You apparently die, but you get turned into a ghost and put into a simulation the terrorist organization uses to train you. You can possess everything, not just people. In the middle of the simulation, though, a little ghost girl arrives and disrupts it, letting you loose into the facility. Your goal is to get your old body back, destroy the terrorist organization, and get out of there.
  5. Freeman would be shocked at the end of Questionable Ethics when the scientists actually congratulate him for something. "It's about damn time I got recognized for my achievements!"
  6. So let me get this straight: Every minority I see on Twitter that uses the term "SJW" unironically is just a figment of my imagination?
  7. Because I'm not an atheist, I don't have any facial hair that extends to my neck, and I don't wear fedoras in public. Also if you still browse 4chan you're contributing to the SJW cancer and you should direct your traffic to 8chan. This shit needs to stop. If you use the term "SJW" seriously, you are cancer. You've killed the internet already. But SJWs are a real thing. What do you want me to call them?
  8. No, no, no, he's clearly playing Artificial Academy 2. kjc609, you're out! That's not a game, but some generic "chose your own adventure" weeaboo trash. b-baka
  9. No, no, no, he's clearly playing Artificial Academy 2.
  10. I made episode 2: http://www.bgreco.net/asciitube/yJRgAYcM1lw
  11. I used a site called AsciiTube to convert the 59th episode of Freeman's Mind into an ASCII format. It's here: http://www.bgreco.net/asciitube/m81ZTHk9eT8
  12. Gman most certainly has control over Gordon still--- He's just temporarily lost total grip. If you recall correctly, it was not "normal" Vortigaunts that prevented gman from doing things, nor have they shown to have total control over the Gman. At best, they can weaken his grip. One thing I don't doubt for a second is that the G-Man is fucking evil.
  13. Freeman officially became a Villain Protagonist when he started discussing his plans to climb the corporate ladder by kidnapping the manager's wife.
  14. While there are people attempting to recreate Freeman's Mind in Black Mesa, there's a large amount of content and dialogue added to it. Similar to the Freeman's Mind 2 Reactions thread, let's write some reactions to some of the extra content in Black Mesa Source. "Aw man, you cut the ponytail." "Oh, come on...it looked stupid." "...Sellout..." "Sellout?! I'm the only one here without a tie! Besides, you're the one who cut that long ass hair of yours..."
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