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  1. I'm starting to think that coin is affecting you
  2. I just thought about something. Why hasn't extra creditz done a video on games dying?
  3. Maybe we can call it red journalism, since red is the color that gets your attention the most and that's all they really want in an article. It's meant to be red, not to be read.
  4. yeah, i guess i really do need to remember that we don't 100% know for sure if something like this is going to happen. we should definitely prepare, but we shouldn't be focuses on doom and gloom 24/7
  5. to piggy back off of this, companies and corporations are not really allowed to save money for a rainy day. that's why there are so many multi million dollar corporations that just seemingly drop off the map and go bankrupt the second something goes wrong. unless you're one of those companies where you and your company's taxes are the same, all of your profits have to be spent in some kind of capacity like a non profit. i heard a good quote once; "If all truck drivers decided to go on strike indefinitely, all grocery stores would be empty after a couple of weeks." our very way of life as a species is dependent on day by day tasks that absolutely cannot under any circumstance be compromised. foundations are made of string and all it takes is one kid jumping and the bridge falls.
  6. god, that hyper climate change desertification and economic ruin talk was extremely brutal. i see why you hate the desert so much now. i guess the tf2 lore of 2 sides fighting over a worthless plot of land isn't going to be so ridiculous now.
  7. I've been hanging out with people around my generation, gen z, and i've been noticing some slang. a lot of people here have been saying the word "hella" a lot so yeah, i think ross is going to love this generation of adults
  8. speaking of the piggy back bandit, there was a slightly similar thing in 16th and 17th century london. There was a man in 1681 who would wait in alleyways and courtyards for women to appear. He would then grab women, slap their buttocks with his bare hands or a rod of some kind, and yell "Spanko!" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Whipping_Tom
  9. W0DrXyzlHM8 i found this earlier, it's pretty cool
  10. i've been meaning to post this for a while, but there is a way to force anti aliasing without the need of any software. the only problem is that it's all in the hardware, and you said how poland loves to make hardware expensive. there's an HDMI cable that forces good anti-aliasing that looks amazing on games that are lower resolution, which would theoretically be perfect for the black mirror. the glaring flaw is that it's $150 MjJzibFTaqA but before you dismiss this, i'm sure you have enough money to import this. I know you're still in the mindset of saving all your money, but you deserve to treat yourself at least a little bit with all the shit you've went through. treat yourself a little
  11. i don't listen to music but death grips, definitely 89F5fpvwPr0 edit: to do this shit, the parameters are you're going to have to copy everything after v=. so for it's 89F5fpvwPr0. some links will include some bullshit after it, like it always ends in an & ampersand. so just copy everything between v= and the &. You should be good to go
  12. I've already gotten a bit too political in my last post about this, but what youtube should've done is ignore the advertisers and accommodate for nothing while they put on their crown and say "I am the king now, you shall kneel before me if you ever WISH to even advertise for me!" It's big enough for it to do that, it has a monopoly on entertainment right now. edit: "I am your king, meaning you are all my servants. disobey me and you will not survive to see another day. I won't kill you, directly, you'll do that to yourself for not bowing to me. Do as I say, I will not say this twice. To show that I'm serious, I am going to permanently ban apple from advertising on youtube. apple shall no longer do work with us, and that will be you next if you disobey. I am the single biggest media platform on the planet. If you want me to accommodate you, there's always me turning the blacklist into the whitelist. Now, I am king, you are not, I am god, now bow!" edit(0): "I have never been in the green all my life, I have always lost money, yet I still make it. I make it because I am youtube. I have supreme ruling over my debt, and I say it doesn't matter. You want to know why? Google "owns" me, when really I own him. I rack up billions in debt every year because I do, and my "parent company" won't do a damn thing about it! It's because I have final say in this, and my final say is 'you may own me, but I own you. You're lucky you own me.' Even if I owned myself and I lost money and never gave it back, it wouldn't matter because I am youtube, and everyone loves youtube! You will never topple me, for my subjects love me. They love me so much that they came here of their own volition. What say you, young jesters? That's what you are, because you will never gain a following such as I. No one will ever willingly flock to you every day, in fact you need to cage them up behind walls because you simply don't have it! I've never built a wall around my kingdom or forbid the entry and exit of it's abode, and that's because my name is king youtube, and I own you!" alright, that's enough. I had way too much fun doing that
  13. Subject: ROSS'S GAME DUNGEON: HINTERLAND if advertisers want to pull out of a platform that has an almost exclusive monopoly on people between the ages of 0 to 30 because pewdiepie said a bad word then that's totally within their rights to destroy their company. besides, idubbbztv has said way worse and I don't see you or the news complaining about this. why are we complaining about this? this is stupid now for something actually related to the video I would totally buy a 240 hz monitor, I have a 144hz one and it's so nice edit: once I have a 21:9 4k 240hz dual monitors, then i'd truly be in nirvana
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