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  1. So I decided to see if the Greek lettering at about 42:19 in the video actually meant something, but it's kinda off. Some of the letters are backwards, one of them seems to be an &. It's probably all random letters just used to fill space, but here's what I've gotten out of it so far: The top part is μϗωδοΦζδτη which google seems to think is "mosofftis", but the smaller text looks like ψχῶγου αεδπγ σιρ φῶμη ο, which google thinks is "of the United States of America". I dunno, I thought it was kind of amusing.
  2. Don't know if you like orchestral-mideval-esque stuff, but there's this obscure German game called Die Gilde (Europa 1400: The Guild). (Wall and Gate) (Sinister Plan) (War) (Escape) There's also a sequel, although I don't know offhand if the soundtrack is as good. Edit: Don't know if there's a soundtrack available for purchase, but email me if you want a zip from the game; I'll try to to upload it, but it may take a while.
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