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  1. Very good, although I think you got Youtubed; there's a couple of patches of heavy compression in the early bits. Man, the airboat still makes me want to hurl. I think I'll need to watch those sections windowed.
  2. I don't object to you using an old controller, but I do weep to see anyone using a controller with one of those disgraceful blob d-pads.
  3. I never had one, you must be thinking of someone else.
  4. That accent was quite a big hit with the audience. I think you've got some material for an episode of FM, or at least an April 1 video. Oh, and if you were interested, I was talking about this kind of thing: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zorbing
  5. I do not own a sword, but I do own a grappling hook. I'm left wondering where I am on the spectrum of Wolfhound being a good film for me.
  6. Lawbreakers looks very beautiful. I'd love to walk around in that.
  7. I'm speaking more to his videos. He does plenty of fantastic content, but his sound environment is terrible and his editing does him no favors. He'll cut from clear as a bell digitized effects, then to echo laden shots of himself talking to the camera, then to decent quality dubbing, then to echo laden pov shots.
  8. I'd agree the main thing the 8-Bit guy needs help with is sound design.
  9. When you're an artistic patron, you're not a customer. You are not buying art, you're supporting an artist. I see a debate here about how one should respond to an artist who goes totally dark for a while. The dilemma is simple and complicated at the same time. It's simple because whether you're putting a penny in a guitar case or gifting a sculptor a hundred thousand dollars a year, no one "owes" anyone anything. It's a donation. It's complicated because one cared enough to donate in the first place. Ross can go for another eighteen months without a single video and I'll keep donating every month. That said, hmm, how do I say this in the nicest way I can? "I only want anything." Tweet a photo of yourself with an improvised french fry mustachio every month. That would be enough. "Hi, I'm OK, I have food, and I'm in a place where I can goof off a little." I don't expect a vlog or long explanation to "make up" for missed time. I don't feel resentful or angry, but by the same token I'm patronizing a black hole right now and it's unpleasant. I hope I'm not sounding weird or demanding or creating stress. That isn't my intent.
  10. Oh, you do not want to go this road because then we'll remember the American natives and you'll look really awkward I can't tell if you're being serious. If you are being serious, I've never met any other American who felt awkward talking about how the Native Americans were treated. We learn about it in grade school. Some people think there's too much of a 'noble savage' ideology being promulgated, but feel awkward talking about atrocities being committed by all sides. I don't think that's the kind of awkward you mean though.
  11. I see a lot of posts about dehumidifiers, but since Ross hasn't got air conditioning, wouldn't an ac unit be a more logical thing to try? I know mine has a dehumidify mode.
  12. I saw a video on making a cheap home air filter. Possible stopgap for the problem?
  13. I'm ignorant about this topic, but perhaps there's a place with cheap rehearsal booths nearby? You probably don't need an equipped studio, but just a practice booth. I wish you'd stop resisting smartphones. One would help you right now. Even an old smartphone can handle all your basic computing needs, especially in Europe which has a reputation for inexpensive carriers. Buy a used Note 5, a chromecast or similar, and cheap bluetooth keyboard+mouse. ~$200
  14. What style of wallet is he using at 19:11? That thing looks pretty nice. I mean, of course it's hand made, but surely it conforms to a specific type.
  15. A92f is hex for 43311. Pity there's no extra digit in there, might make for some kind of easter egg passcode. Unless 043311 counted.
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