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Well I completely bombed the time estimate in my last post, I really don’t know why I thought I was going to get it done sooner, I think it was a combination of the scope increasing and underestimating just how much content there was. This one had so much I decided to split it into two chunks, although unlike some other episode there is a natural splitting point in this one. Working on this one reminded me the most of Strife mostly due to the scale, although Strife is hands down a great game, whereas Revenant is more complicated. I’m still working at getting the Game Dungeons cut down to only the best content, in this case it may have spiraled out of control a bit. If you enjoy seeing quirks and frustrations in the game with the videos, you’ll likely enjoy this one.

Also I may as well mention I ended up fixing the level load delay that plagued me through recording, but it happened so late in production, I didn’t mention it in the video, so you’ll get the more raw experience. Even with the “fix”, the game still fights me from using it every single time, so the video is still pretty representative of the experience.

Because this video took so long to make, I’m going to scale down my original plans for Halloween. I’m still going to have a Game Dungeon, but it won’t be a grandoise game with a huge scale, just because I don’t think I’ll have enough time. The voicework on the next Freeman’s Mind is done, but there are some complications arising in other areas. I’ll find a solution to it one way or another, more Freeman’s Mind is coming.


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