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Happy Halloween! Here’s another video that took WAY more time than I intended it to! I selected this game because I thought it would go faster than a normal full length game, but things kind of spiraled out of control, as you’ll see in the video. Some of you may be disappointed I’m covering a flash game for Halloween, but I’ve been wanting to cover some (and newer ones for that matter) on the Game Dungeon, I just hadn’t gotten around to it. I promise I gave it a full treatment for this episode, with some additional surprises. I hope to have a “real” game next year with hopefully more videos leading up to Halloween.

Special thanks on this episode goes to Adam Shepard , who emailed me while I was working on the video, offering to assist with some additional music. He had a very fast turnaround time despite me being a fickle bastard about the music as I tried to figure it out in the middle of deadline pressure. You can hear his music for the “safe room” music and for the in-game ending. I didn’t mention the music in this episode since it was long enough already and it was either absent or unremarkable for this game. I’ve gotten multiple offers of music help in the past, but lately I’ve been overwhelmed by sorting out my email, so for any other composers wishing to help, Adam had the luck of covenience. In the future I’m happy for more music offers for Ross’s Game Dungeon, but it may be a while before I can sort through everything. Without spoiling much, I really mean what I say in the video when it comes to being able to relate to this game.

I also want to say thanks again to everyone who donated, especially helping with the SSD. I can only imagine how much data I’ve written to it since I bought it, I’ve been giving it an absolute workout with all the video recording and processing. This episode alone I’m sure involved a few terabytes of writing at one phase or another.

* * *

To any experienced video editors out there, I have a couple questions:

1. Are there any video editors that support WORKING with lossless compression, like HuffyUV or Lagarith? Having everything uncompressed really leads to massive file sizes, it makes me wonder how other people handle it. I use Adobe Premiere CS5 and while it will open those codecs, it is unstable and unreliable when using them.

2. Are there are any “tricks” with the colorspace to get Youtube to preserve more of the color when moving from RGB to YUV or whatever the hell Youtube uses? I preserve the colorspace as long as I can from recording and editing, but it gets lost in compression slightly more than I’d prefer and was trying to see if there better ways of handling it.
* * *

This is going to be last Game Dungeon until at least December, and I’m not promising anything then. All I plan to be working on from here until the end of the year is more Freeman’s Mind. It’s going to be an endurance test however, as I’m also moving in less than a week. I don’t know if I’ll have internet right away, but I intend to get a recording room set up ASAP so I can resume work with only a couple days downtime from the move.

Finally, I was going to include a joke about Candy Corn Oreo cookies, but found out at the last minute that South Park had also, so I decided to scrap it. This isn’t the first time this has happened. I also had an idea for a Civil Protection episode involving Cthulhu and an offshore oil rig that they also beat me on.

- - -

ADHD version: Happy Halloween! More Freeman’s Mind coming!


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