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Here is another one of the side projects I’ve been up to, a new series! “Ross’s Game Dungeon” is a sort of game review show where I talk about things I think are worth mentioning on various games. While this first episode is more on the tame side, in the future I plan to differentiate this from other reviews in that I’m not going to treat this like a normal review where I analyze every detail of the gameplay or give it a rating, etc. For example, if I’m reviewing a train game, I may decide that it reminds me of an incident where a janitor stole a train and talk about that for a while instead before getting back to the game. So think of this show as part game review, part lecture, part whatever I want to talk about that’s remotely relevant. While I probably will focus more on obscure PC games, I don’t plan to limit myself to any particular kind (though for the near future I’ll only be reviewing low-resolution games as I don’t trust my computer to record much else), although if I do cover a mainstream one, my plan will be to focus on things you DON’T hear in every other review out there. Ultimately, my main criteria for me choosing a game is I need to have strong opinions about it one way or another.

This came about primarily because after joining That Guy With The Glasses, I was told by another creator that the vast majority of their content are reviews. Since I’ve played a lot of unheard of games that I can comment on, I thought this show would be worth trying. I like the idea of this show as it lets me make something constructive out of this otherwise worthless knowledge. For everyone who is groaning because I’m hopping on the game review / commentary bandwagon, I promise to keep doing other videos too.

For this first episode, I’ve covered Tyrian, a frigging masterpiece of a game that puts many others to shame. I had so much to say about this game the episode ran a little long. I think this first episode may have come out a little bit drier than I wanted, but I definitely hope to improve in the future. I expect a certain portion of people to hate this simply because it’s not Freeman’s Mind, but I think it has potential. Expect better writing and worse editing in future episodes.

Also to everyone waiting on more Freeman’s Mind, that will continue too, my plan is once I’m up to speed is to have these in between FM episodes as I think I can potentially produce them faster. All in all, this is another experiment, but so was Freeman’s Mind.

- - -

ADHD version: Ross made a game review show! Warning: It contains lots of talking.


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