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Ross goes to Hell.

Play the game for free here:


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Go to hell, everybody! This is a game I almost covered last year, but I think it fits especially well after Construction Bob. Some may be disappointed that this is just a casual game, but not only are the next episodes this month going to be more substantial games, but I think this might have one of my favorite endings for the Game Dungeon so far. I don't have much more to say other than that I'll be busy working on the next two episode to get done by Halloween. On that note, I have received a TON of emails and I'll try my best to respond to everyone, but you may have to wait until November for a lot of them just so I can get the videos done in time. More stuff coming!



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Hell yeah!


I am pleased with this game, but suck at this type of game so I'd probably never get either ending. This was an awesome episode though, and the best awards that any game has gotten

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First 15 seconds: "something's off here, Ross is speaking quieter than usual".


Last minute: Hell yeah!


I think this is the best episode so far this month. Concise, is awesome, has a funny anecdote. Ross, you've done a good job compressing the RGD format into 10 minutes.

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heh, that was great :D

no way in hell im gonna play this, but fun episode to watch and more detailed explanation of soul contracts you mentioned a looooooooooooooooooooooong time ago (if im not confusing it with anything else- unlikely tho). Something i wanted to hear a while.

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I was waiting for some Dig Doug reference somewhere...oh well. Great episode!


I couldn't help but notice when you said you owned a Wallace and Gromit T-shirt. A fan of stop motion animation are you, Ross? Any favorite stop motion films or shorts you could recommend?

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Holy crap, I swear I actually know metal Dave.

Except I don't because the person I know was named Zack.

But it all fits.

Tall, tattoos, beard, listened to heavy metal, looked like Penn Jillete, and we had to give him a qualifier nickname, because there were like 5 other Zacks around.

And honestly, the soul buying thing sounds like exactly the sort of thing he would do.


As for the ending, I hate to say it, but that would be Hell for me.

I am really not a club or techno person one bit.

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Short and spicy. The ending did not let me down.


This game reminds me a bit of Motherlode. The endings to each are only similar in so many ways, though.

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I just wanted to tell you Ross that I also own my friend's soul, but I did it more The Simpsons style and just had him sign a piece of paper saying he hands over his soul to me, so when I finally make it to hell it may not be as valid as the 10 or so you own :(

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Shit Ross, could I buy some souls off you? The price would obviously fluctuate based on the individual soul, but these could be worth at least a couple hundred USD. But it's completely understandable if you rather be buried with the contracts yourself.

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