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  1. Tangent

    Episode running late

    Don't sweat it. So sometimes you're a little off with your timeframes, but we appreciate the honest updates! Besides, you finished Freeman's Mind by the target date; that's legendary enough for a lifetime.
  2. Tangent

    October 2016 Update #2

    I'm sorry to hear that, but it's all good. I always enjoy Game Dungeon. Has your pulmonary situation improved at all?
  3. Tangent


    So the amount that candidates are funded is not the direct cause of their election, but due to many other factors that start a cycle of funding. Funding and election certainly correlate, but the election is also largely due to other factors. The way Ross said it, it seemed that he was saying it was causal. He might not've meant it that way, but since this fact was a part of an aside, it might've been oversimplified for time. While I've not looked up sources for Ross's claim that ~91% (10/11 times) of successful political candidates were the most well-funded, even if it is true it is not necessarily telling of the election process's corruption, or that election results are affected "by the number of ads Joe Voter sees" alone. A candidate can win over another for a number of reasons, and funding levels will usually fluctuate as the candidate's appeal rises or falls. I'm sure those that donate and fund these political hopefuls want a return on their investment and won't burn more money on the fallacious premise that money is 91% of what wins elections. There will be a point where one candidate becomes more popular than another due to a gaff, scandal, a position becoming more clear, a cleansweep debate, etc. and more or less funding will surely follow that. I'm sure there could be a massive debate over which factors correlate with actual election the most, and money would be way up there, but money is used to pay for those other factors, so....
  4. Tangent


    Finally someone else loves Kelly's Heroes. Not only is it someone, but it's Ross Scott - Paragon of Taste.
  5. Tangent


    Short and spicy. The ending did not let me down. This game reminds me a bit of Motherlode. The endings to each are only similar in so many ways, though.
  6. Ah, thank you. Darn, though, I expect more variety of unusual punishments from my old gods.
  7. Pardon the pedantry, but wasn't it Prometheus who got his liver pecked out by birds every day? I take Ross's word for almost everything else, though, I swear.

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