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  1. Ross please don't be afraid to call people retards, there's way too many of them nowadays anyway
  2. Happy Belated Birthday Ross, is there anyway I can gift you a game over steam?
  3. Okay Ross, PLEASE tell me you know the name of the song you used in the credits
  4. I just wanted to tell you Ross that I also own my friend's soul, but I did it more The Simpsons style and just had him sign a piece of paper saying he hands over his soul to me, so when I finally make it to hell it may not be as valid as the 10 or so you own
  5. I bet that guy spent a whole day trying to figure out where the extra 5 bucks in his bank account came from
  6. If I had money, I'd definitely give it all to you
  7. Maybe this is an opportunity to return to Civil Protection, or is that just my wishful thinking?
  8. This guy looks like Timmy from WKUK http://www.geek.com/gearlog/images/timmy-williams.jpg
  9. I like how so many people anticipate release dates for games, soon we'll need to be adding death dates to them as well
  10. The last time you made an "experiment" video was 8 years ago, look how that turned out....
  11. Ross actually is Gordon, he was placed in witness protection and relocated to a different universe
  12. You look like a cross between Jesus and Rob Zombie
  13. So, you're saying Ross is going to be terribly disappointed when the camera arrives? That's a bummer. Erm... I just wrote something above. Please refrain from inventing theories Is Ross still in that medical tank?
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