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  1. Here is something weird, while this is technically a Ubisoft title, the game engine and the game itself is developed by Massive Entertainment. On their website it says they are a Ubisoft company https://www.massive.se but the studio's roots go way back till 2001 with their first title Ground Control, a very competent fully 3D RTS, and Homeworld + Ground Control were the first fully 3D RTS games that I know of. In 2004 they released a sequel to Ground Control, which I love none of them have base building etc. they focus soley on the action and tactics side of things. Finally in 2008 they released World In Conflict and almost went bankrupt and Ubisoft bought them out. And at this point the story goes pretty bizzare in typical Ubisoft fashion, they had Massive Entertainmet cancel their work on the World In Conflict console ports and potentially any other RTS game they were making before their acquisition. Massive is at this point a studio known for making purely RTS games and have ~8 years of experience under their belt, so naturally Ubisoft tasks them to make the tacked on multi-player portions of their Far Cry and Assasin's Creed games for years on end and also puts them in charge of developing and maintaining their Steam competitor DRM thingy Uplay (now it's called some other weird thing but whatever even Blizzard changed their DRM name but people still kept calling it Battle-net lol). I was massively surprised when I saw this Massive Entertainment's name attached to the Division because I thought they went poof under all that AAA published slave driver culture, similar to what Activision did to Raven Software. The game was pretty much so so in my opinion and I have no idea why they made it an online only looter shooter when it could have been a solid single player game. But the talent is still there, the amount of detail and effort poured into making that city, that amazing winter storm atmosphere, I've never really felt any other game conveyed a cold winter city any better. To my knowledge the music in this game was made by Ola Strandh, who also made the music to Ground Control back in the day and that was pretty awesome. But I suppose corporate meddling or whatnot mandates that games don't have any musical identity anymore. I mean just listen to this track from 2001 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ir74RSi-5Gs&list=PLCF6ACD0618F0879D&index=5
  2. If you pause the video right around 7-8 seconds it says Eternam. I guess a left over from copy pasting
  3. Is there a way to get the soundtrack for this game apart from directly recording from the game itself? That intro music is pretty amazing, I think Ross has a new rendition of that he used on the Dream Software video. Searching for Eternam soundtrack brings up Doom Eternal soundtrack, while it's also pretty metal, that's not what I want
  4. Yep, duly noted. I don't actually have a microphone I'm just using the laptop's integrated mic, and some ancient hd cam corder I found which had a tripod.
  5. Hi everyone, After years of procrastination, I finally decided to something because of the quarantine. I made an amateurish review of Hitman 2016 here: I'd love some feedback on the vid. Also I could remove the vid if it's against the forum rules to self market, but since this is the general gaming section I thought it would be okay. Cheers, have a happy new year.
  6. Oh well, it's just how some old games are coded I guess. It's just a shame when a 3D game has arbitrary resolution limitations
  7. If you could edit the resolution but not the aspect ratio, why not use 1440x1080 as a resolution? It's still 4:3 so the game assets look normal, you get more resolution out of the game, plus it looks nice on 16:9 monitors when it's centered.
  8. Wow you really should upload it, that's proper archeology right there. Someone might even translate it if they have the time.
  9. Hey guys, the rebelmind.com website seems to be dead. Therefore the game is sort of abandonware. I couldn't find it on steam or gog (even though the game is Polish). I wanted to download Frater and give it a go, but I suppose it's not possible anymore. Does anyone have a downloaded version standing around anywhere?
  10. Hey guys some of you may remember pit droids from early 2000's it was this Puzzle game with Pit droids from star wars ep1 where you placed arrows and stuff on the ground leading them to an exit. Pretty much star wars lemmings. Anyway the game is pretty much abandonware you can download it here https://www.myabandonware.com/game/star-wars-pit-droids-403 however to the best of my knowledge there is no way to get it working on a modern operating system so I tried Wine emulation but I get stuck during the installation process about an error and can't proceed anymore. If anyone knows how to get it working could you help? Also the game has an amazing sound track, just worth playing for the sound track alone.
  11. I don't know about Poland's economic situation but 5000 dollars is around 4248 Euros, which in turn is 18267 Zlotys. Now I am obviously no expert on Polish economy or what the average rent is around those parts, but it looks like a good amount of money to not starve and also have a roof over your head. Now lets have some fun and compare this to what an average engineer in my country (a Middle East country), which is 832 Euros because the economy is not good at the moment. This makes 3578 Zlotys which is 5 times less than what is donated to Ross. Now lets check out an average Polish engineer, a quick google search shows that they make 2050 dollars per month which is 7486 Zlotys. It is a decent middle ground between the two numbers. Now obviously the amount donated per month is going to change every time so the numbers can vary, but as long as it is over 2000 dollars, it is still more than what a Polish engineer earns. Considering how many times Ross has stated that he considers himself extremely lucky to recieve this fan support, I totally understand him now. The average engineer from the Middle East would probably have starved or has to eat cheaper less healty stuff. This post does not in any way try to prove a point or anything, it simply is just an interesting comparison between Europe and Middle Eastern countries and how wage varies extremely between them.
  12. It seems almost every youtuber has been effected by this ad friendly content thing. I suppose this is what happens when people like pewdiepie, whom I see impulsive, irresponsible and childish, are given a great status and just can't figure out how to handle it properly. You would think that racism and holocaust are things you shouldn't be casually joking about, but here we are. Naturally Ross and other people who try to make a living through this system gets the sharp end of the stick while pewdiepie probably won't get effected much by this change since he probably has made enough money to sustain a decent, if not better, life style for the rest of their lives. Oh well maybe we really should learn useful skills like cooking, carpentry or hunting just so we can survive when all other means fail us. edit: Jim Sterling has made a really nice video about this issue ->
  13. Deus Ex was created during the "John Romero is going to make you his bitch" era. While I don't know Romero had much part in creation of Deus Ex, it is safe to assume that he was busy making Daikatana with Ion Storm Austin. However his almost crazy entrepreneur genious game developer rock star attitute must have been mimiced by Ion Storm Dallas, who made Deus Ex. Fast forward to 2011, Square Enix bought the Deus Ex franchise and with a giant mega corporation funding a video game comes the cons with it. There was no way a AAA publisher backed up studio to create a Deus Ex game to come close to the scope of the original. You lose the freedom you have with almost indie like development of late 90's. And hell even Jim Sterling has 2 videos on the newest Deus Ex where Square Enix tried to gimp the game at any way they could. And also the insane production values these games have must be mentioned, where up to 100 million dollars can be spent on AAA games. Not to mention the insane sales expectanties from Square Enix does not help at all, Tomb Raider selling 3.4 million copies is a comercial failure apparently. http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2013-03-26-tomb-raider-has-sold-3-4-million-copies-failed-to-hit-expectations So yeah people want to make great video games but the insane cost of making shiny graphics causes them to be under a mega corperation's leash where it gets harder and harder to make the product you were meaning to. Of course there is the other side of the coin where giving too much freedom to a developer, cough Tim Shafer, can lead to disasterous things. So what sould be done in conclusion? I don't really know, I'm just a physicist.
  14. Ground Control 2 has an awesome sound track to it. Unfortunately it was never released as a proper sound track so the tracks have no names. I'll give you the link for the youtube playlist, extracting the sound files is not in my expertise but I could find a way to get them if you find them to your liking. It's got a bit of everything in there, techno, some rock and space opera! Track 8 is my personal favorite.
  15. Gothic 1 and 2 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gothic_%28video_game%29 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gothic_II https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gothic_II:_Night_of_the_Raven It's a pretty solid RPG for it's time. The sequel is a lot better though. But they dropped the ball in Gothic 3 and then the developers made Risen which was a spiritual sequel to Gothic 2.
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