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Videochat December 2017

December chat with fans. More Freeman’s Mind coming this month! Some of the topics discussed this time were lootboxes, net neutrality, Poland v. USA, and whether humanity will survive extinction.

Link to LGR video I had a cameo in (around 26:00:


December 16th: Zombie Panic Playsession suspended / host MIA

December 28th: My birthday, may have some livestreaming of games and maybe more Zombie Panic. Currently undecided, will update if something definite is decided.

Jan 14th, 4PM EST: Next videochat with fans.

All will be on twitch.tv/rossbroadcast

Link to previous videochats:

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Here's the December chat with fans. The main thing to know is more Freeman's Mind is coming. Other info in the Youtube description.


Also, here's a link to a

a week or so ago asking about how I run old games. I posted it on twitter, but forgot to put it here. I appear around 26:00, my voice sounded a little distorted since I think Clint ran a compressor on my audio.



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It looks as if you dodged a bullet by avoiding Patreon. They've just adopted an "If you're not a whale, you're worthless" stance that's exactly counter to their original purpose of cutting fees by aggregating microtransactions.


As someone who uses paypal for recurring donations, do you have any thoughts on yearly vs monthly donation cycles?

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